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Father's Day Grief and Pain

Updated: Jan 31

Rejection from family
Thrive group mentorship for women - we meet every sunday at 4:30 - join us.

Did you experience Father's Day Grief and Pain, or Emotional Distress? Did you have a bad experience with your dad growing up?

Does it affect your life?

Father’s Day, for many, can be a day of sadness, pain, and numbness. If you are someone who struggles with Father’s Day, here are a few things you can do when it feels unbearable.

Watch the video below that gives how you can get free from the pain and hurts of the past.

Sometimes it is hard to forgive and can take healing and deliverance so that you can forgive. If you feel you need ministry, please go to https://www.touchofgod.org/deliverance-ministry

Video by Teresa (Traci) Morin

Thrive group mentorship - father's day grief
Thrive Group Mentorship for women

With it being father's day and the feeling of obligation, did you feel anxious, panicky, or fearful? Get my free ebook in how to deal and overcome anxiety.

Get my free ebook - how to kick anxiety out


Need Prayer - ways to receive prayer
Prayer of intercession meets weekly on Tuesday nights for prayer for others.

We have weekly prayer on Facebook Private Group and other ways we pray for you.


Looking for healing and deliverance ministry? Father's Day Grief
Looking for deliverance or healing? We will minister to you so that you are free to live life again.

Are you in need of deliverance or healing? Touch of God International Ministries helps free the captives from curses, generational curses, strongholds, and more ...


Free mini-course webinar - transform your thoughts to change your life and health
Free webinar

FREE Webinar - Overwhelmed and unable to focus on your day, feeling intense, excessive,

persistent worry and fear about the everyday situation? Reserve your spot today!


90-day Program to Kick Anxiety Out and have peace to enjoy life, wake up refreshed, ready to look ahead, and not live in dread.

Schedule a FREE 45-minute call to learn more.


Six-month internship program
Learn how to minister deliverance to ohers

Professional Learning Experience - Ministry Training in Spiritual Healing and Deliverance Internship.

This program is focused on equipping individuals with knowledge and skills related to spiritual healing and deliverance.

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Training and Support

This is our Services section. This is a great place to give more information about the services we offer.  

These are complex, confusing times, and though we know that our God is in control and will take care of us, we sometimes feel anxious and worried. We know that, as written in Philippians 4:6, prayer is the answer, but sometimes praying is complex, and you need someone to pray with you. If you need prayer, fill out the form, we pray weekly on Tuesday nights over your prayer request. 

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