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Fearless and Free

Updated: Jan 27

Fearless and Free Women
Fearless and Free

Today (Sunday) at 4:30 p.m. central standard time is the Thrive Group Mentorship for Women. What is blocking us from living Fearless and Free? Let's hear a short teaching, discuss, and minister for those who desire.

Then, go from defeated, frustrated, hurt, to fearless and free.

I was looking through my emails and saw I had several signed up. I believe there has been a problem with the link to get on. So, I have a link for you to join us today if you want to check out "Thrive Group Mentorship for Women.

How many of you are going through things and you don't have a platform to share with others? No one will understand your situation. This group is unique for women to come together to be heard.

I hope to see you there today.

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These are complex, confusing times, and though we know that our God is in control and will take care of us, we sometimes feel anxious and worried. We know that, as written in Philippians 4:6, prayer is the answer, but sometimes praying is complex, and you need someone to pray with you. If you need prayer, fill out the form, we pray weekly on Tuesday nights over your prayer request. 

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