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Self-Paced Online Learning - Spiritual Healing and Deliverance

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Touch of God Ministries provides the tools to acquire the essential aspects of Spiritual Healing and Deliverance through Self-Paced Online Learning. Become self-confident to exercise your authority to expel demons from others effectively.

Learn about the spiritual roots of disease and understanding the supernatural weapons provided by God can be powerful tools in the fight against the schemes of the Evil One. Individuals need access to resources that can help them overcome their struggles and lead them to a place of victory to help others who are stuck and cannot get free.


My proven system teaches you everything you need to know to overcome your issues or receive incredible teachings on spiritual healing and deliverance.

Become victorious over the schemes of the Evil One by learning how to use the supernatural weapons God has provided to protect you and those you love. The Lord desires to equip you, and He wants to prepare you to walk in the strength of the Lord and the strength of His power so that you can withstand the enemy’s schemes and multifaceted attacks.

Take this class to defeat him in the specific battles in your life: sick and disease, spiritual attacks, etc. Gain the Victory.

Prefer live coaching with an instructor:   

self-paced deiverance training

Anytime Self-Paced Training

Anytime, On-Demand, Video Lessons at Your Leisure.

The Cost:  ____________. The cost includes the following:

Included in the program is lifetime access to the following:

  1. Training Manual: This is a 300-page manual that contains instructional content related to the program or course you're referring to.

  2. Book on the spiritual roots of disease: This book aims to provide insights and understanding of how the disease is perceived in the context of spirituality and God's word.

  3. Eighteen main-course video teachings: These lessons form the program's core content and cover various aspects of the subject matter.

  4. Extra video teachings: Besides the main course videos, this package includes additional videos that provide supplementary information or cover specialty issues.

  5. Encyclopedia Dictionary of the Cult: This resource is a reference book that provides definitions, explanations, and information about various cults.

  6. At War Manual: This manual, authored by Traci Morin, focuses on spiritual warfare and may contain guidance, strategies, or teachings on engaging in spiritual battles.

  7. The Occult: This book, written by Josh McDowell, explores the topic of the occult, providing insights, analysis, or teachings about occult practices and beliefs.

  8. Water Spirits by Debo: This resource is a book that delves into water spirits from a spiritual or religious perspective.

  9. Research on the Gap Theory by Finis Dake: This research likely pertains to the Gap Theory. This theological concept attempts to reconcile the biblical account of creation with scientific theories.

  10. Over 20+ Renunciation prayers are designed for individuals to renounce or reject specific beliefs, practices, or influences that may be considered negative or harmful.

  11. Other teachings outside the training manual: This refers to additional resources, books, videos, or teachings that are not explicitly mentioned but are still part of the package.

learn healing and deliverance ministry

You Will Learn:

  • Learn about the invisible world of disembodied beings, the origin and nature of sin manifested through humanity.

  • Increasing your discernment according to Hebrews 5:13-14.

  • The importance of forgiveness of others who have hurt you, and why we the scriptures commanded to forgive others.

  • How generational curses from the sins of iniquity can affect you.

  • Learn how false religious practices, new age, witchcraft and Freemasonry, opens the door to torment and bondage.

  • Why people feel rejected and how to get victory from rejection.

  • Get an understanding of the spiritual root causes addictions and autoimmune illnesses.

  • Learn the link between stress and how it lowers the immune system causing sickness and chronic fatigue illness.

  • How does a broken heart affect the immune system and activate the same neural pathways as physical pain!

  • Insights as to what Scripture says about the healing of illnesses and disease prevention God’s way.

  • How Separation in three areas is a pathway of disease and identify the common pathways between complex diseases.

  • Learn how wrong thinking communicates to the hypothalamus and pituitary causing disease.

understanding of spiritual healing and deliverance ministry

Designed to Give You Much Undertsanding

The online classes are designed to help you understand your issues and open doors so that when you receive ministry, you will stay free and know how to apply God’s Word in your life and walk in victory.

The biblical video online courses are intense life-changing biblical teachings from spiritual bondage affecting body, mind, and emotions.

The goal is that the body of Christ be set free to worship fully and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  You will receive freedom in the inmost parts from typical strongholds that hinder God’s people from fulfilling their destiny.

We provide four one-on-one personal spiritual deliverance and healing. Our goal for you to recover from a spirit of infirmity, demonic bondage, demonic strongholds, etc. then help others get free.

Training and Support

 If you are struggling with anxiety, we offer a 90-day coaching program to kick out anxiety, silence the anxious negative thoughts, unlocking lasting confidence. Anxiety often step from deep-seated trauma or other issues that require help. We identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop a step-by-step plan using biblical principles.
Thrive Group Mentorship program is exclusively for empowering women. We meet weekly for teachings and prayer ministry. Our spiritual focus emphasizes on spiritual growth and development, we address the unique challenges women face in their personal and spiritual lives. This is a great way to help women connect with others and grow in their faith. Many people feel alone in their struggles, and having a group of like-minded individuals to lean on can make a huge difference. By creating a safe and supportive environment, women can feel free to share their challenges and receive encouragement and support from others.
 Are you seeking healing ministry for deliverance from emotional abuse and other traumatic events, or from demonic curses and spiritual attacks? We are led by the Holy Spirit and approach and help others through compassion, understanding, and respect. We offer deep spiritual warfare prayers and provide a safe space for individuals to share their experience. Our goal is to set the captives free.
If you are in need of prayer, there are several ways to reach out for support. offer online prayer request forms or hotlines where you can submit your prayer requests and receive support. Additionally, there may be private Facebook groups dedicated to prayer and support where you can request prayer support from other members.
Starting a ministry or nonprofit organization can be a rewarding way to serve your community and make a positive impact in the world. Starting a ministry or nonprofit organization can be a complex process, and we help you with the process.
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