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Level 1 - Basic Internship Training Resources

Foundational Audio Teachings in Alpha  Order


  • Broken Heart

  • Pathway to Disease

  • Fear, Stress & Physiology to Disease

  • Sin and Spirit World Reality

  • Romans 7 Separation

  • Father's Love

Main Deliverance Section:

  • Accusation

  • Bitterness

  • Occultism

  • Envy and Jealousy

  • Rejection

  • Unloving

  • Addictions

  • Fear

  • Trauma

Walkout Teachings

8 Steps to Freedom 

Additional Audio/Video Teachings:


Your Identity in Christ


Vengence Belongs to the Lord


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Prayers, Videos, Extra Teaching, Worksheets, Links, etc. 

Course Material - test

Recommended Books

Week 1 Insight Overview
Week 2 

Overview of Teenagers/children into the occult games

List of Manifestations

Week 3 - The Engagement with Your Client

39 Blocks to Healing

Video by John Paul Jack - Integrity
Form 1 - Review Form - https://www.mycontactform.com/hosted/form.php?formid=461924
Form 2 - Release of Liability - https://www.mycontactform.com/hosted/form.php?formid=374647
Strategy 12/7/4

- 12 - Strategy Section

Week 4 - Strongholds (Thoughts)

Eight Steps to Freedom

Core Belief Worksheets:

Video: Negative Thoughts

Video: The Importance of Changing Our Core Beliefs

Video: Kathy Gets healed from MCS/EI*
Video: Kim gets healed from many diseases*

Transformation of a City – Almolonga, Guatemala -article*

Watch Video of Almolonga, Guatemala*

Father's Love Letter Scriptures - to give to a client

Your Identity in Christ - to give to a client for 60 days

Week 5 - The Origin of Sin – What is Sin?

Video: Sin and Spirit World Reality Main Teaching

Video - Robe of Righteousness

The Pre-Food Adamic Research (30 Pages) by Finish Dakes - PDF*


Generational Curses / Word Curses

Generational Curse Prayer- PDF

Week 6 - Pathway to Disease 

Video: Pathway to Disease

Video: 7 Steps to Sin

Week 7 - Fear and Disease*

Video: Fear, Stress and Physiology

Week 8 - Separation and Disease
Video - Romans 7 Separation 

39 Blocks to Healing -  Sins that Bring a Curse

Generational Curse Renunciation Prayer

Week 9 - Power of Word

Cursed Objects Prayer

39 Blocks to Healing -  Sins that Bring a Curse

Vows and Judgments and Prayer

- 7 - Strategy

Bitterness - Week 10 - 11

Week 11 - Inner Vows and Judgments

Occult - Weeks 12-14 

Video: Occult Teaching

Video: New Age Church - Constantine Teaching

Occult Renunciation - in the manual

Occult Checklist

Occult Religion List

What is Divination Teaching

Divination Renunciation Prayer

Knife Spinning - Divination - article

Universal Energies - New Age Movement - article

Video: Exposing the Ekstasis Worship Dancing in the Church

Matriarchal Control Renunciation Prayer

Video: Jezebel - Narcissistic Characteristics

Hindu Renunciation Prayer

Meditation Wrong in the Church - Article

Inner Healing (Theophostic) - Article

What is Kundalini? - Article

Video - Kundalini Awakening

Video - Kundalini Invasion - Part 1

Video - Kundalini Invasion - Part 2

Video Andrew Strom Exposing New Age in the Church

Alice Bailey - 10 Steps to Destroy the Church Article

Reiki - what is Reiki - Article

Reiki Energy Healing Extensive Information - Article

Video: Reiki

Reiki Prayer of Renunciation

Karate Article

Karate Renunciation Prayer

Secret Societies Article
Necromancy - Article

False Religion Prayers - scroll down to specific religion

WEF Plans Article

WEF 2030 Plan for the World, 15 Minute Cities, etc.


List of False Religious Practices

Freemasonry Renunciation Prayer

Freemasonry Information

House Cleansing Prayer

Land Cleansing Prayer

Nightmare Witchcraft Renunciation Prayer

Astral Projection Stop Coming into a Home Prayer

Incubus/succubus spirits Renunciation Prayers

Applied Kinesiology Article

Biofeedback Article

Reflexology Article

Other Teachings Not in Manual

Acupuncture Info

Contemplative Soaking Prayer - Meditation

DoTerra Oils

Dowsing Info

​Essential Oils Info

Music - The World of Music


What is Pilates?

Sex Magic

The Truth about Theophostics - its roots

Visualization Info Article

Roots Behind Visualization

Voodoo Information
Yoga Information


Religion Information

Buddhism Info - see Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

Hindu Info - see Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

Mormonism - see Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

Scientology Info - see Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

Unification Info - see Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

and more

Occult Renunciation Prayer  


Astral Projection Stop Coming into a Home Prayer

Breaking Jesebel Curses

Chakra Renunciation Prayer - General 

Cerebral Amnesia Prayer

Divination Fortune Telling Renunciation

House Cleansing Prayer

Incubus/succubus spirits

Indian Divination Renunciation Prayer

Karate Renunciation Prayer

Kundalini Prayer is highly involved in opening Chakras

Kundalini Prayer for Closing Chakras

Kundalini Transference Prayer

Kundalini Prayer because of New Age Involvement and Yoga

Land Blessing Prayer

Marine Spirit Block from marriage curse

Martial Art Renunciation Prayer

Matriarch Control Renunciation - Jezebel

Nazi Renunciation Prayer

Occult Prayer of Renunciation

If not free from regular prayer, use the Occult Renunciation Prayer

Psychic Intrusion Checklist and Renunciation

Reiki Prayer of Renunciation

Spirit Guides

Transcendental Meditation Renunciation Prayer

Voodoo, Incantation, and Hexes Renunciation Prayer

Yoga Renunciation Prayer

Nightmare Witchcraft

Specific Religion Prayer / Secret Society

Buddhism Renunciation Prayer

Catholic Church Renunciation

Freemasonry Renunciation Prayer

Hari Krishna Prayer


Indian Divination Renunciation Prayer

Islam Renunciation Prayer

Jehovah Witness Renunciation Prayer

Masonic Renunciation Prayers

Mormonism Renunciation Prayer

Rosicrucianism Renunciation Prayer

Scientology Prayer of Renunciation

Week 15 - 16 Envy/Jealousy and Rejection

Video Teaching

Deliverance Prayer Rejection and Envy and Jealousy - in manual

Father's Love Letters

Core Beliefs

Perfectionism - by William G. Null, MD

Tree Fear and Pride - by William G. Null, MD

Self-Pity - by William G. Null, MD

Fear / Fantasy - by William G. Null, MD

Lusts of the World, Pride and Fantasy - By William G. Null, MD

Rejection, Fear, and Anxiety  Pathway to Fear

Process of Thought

False Burden Bearing

Arrested Development Checklist and Prayer

Who Am I - to give to clients for 60 days

Jesus is Close to the Brokenhearted - Scriptures KJV

Video - Robe of Righteousness

Video - Core Beliefs

Video - Importance of Changing Our Core Beliefs

Video - Story of Joseph Having Victory During His Pain of Rejection

Prayers Alpha


free book how to overcome anxiety


Week 19-20 Spirit of Fear & Trauma

Spirit of Fear Video

Rejection, Fear, and Anxiety  Pathway to Fear Chart

Fear, Stress, & Physiology Video

Fear Renunciation Prayer in Manual

Trauma - Week 20

Trauma Video

List of traumas and human behaviors

Trauma Checklist

Trauma Renunciation Prayer

Fear Scriptures

Sins from Others

1. Bastard Curse of Illegitimacy (fear and rejection is heavy) Sexual Abuse

Bastard Curse Prayer

Soul Ties Prayer of Renunciation

Abortion Renunciation

2.  Ministering Deliverance to a SRA Survivor

How to Support a Trauma Survivor


3. Lack of Nurturing

Mother's Love Prayer

Absent Uncaring Father Love Prayer

Wake up the soul and spirit of a person

4.  Sexual Abuse



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