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Reasons for Deliverance Ministry

Hello - Do you feel blocked?

Do you feel robbed and blocked from your full potential in life? There could be something in your generation, maybe open doors or evilness from others. 

What can I do?

  • Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Then, Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • After you get saved, read your bible and learn to praise and worship Him, give thanksgiving to Him.

  • Even if saved, make sure you are reading your bible, memorizing the bible verse for the day, praying for others, and listening to God.

  • If you are into the occult, new age, or witchcraft, get out of it and repent to God. That may mean to fast and pray to dislodge evil powers from your environment.

If that does not work, you may need a deliverance session

List of Reasons for Deliverance:

  • You've been ridiculed all your life

  • A history of sexual perversion in your bloodline (adultery, rape, incest, etc)

  • Problems with being accident-prone all your life

  • A history of poverty in your life and/or in your family

  • Problems with a lifestyle of cheating, robbing and theft

  • Extreme jealous of others - where you want to pray evil over them

  • You were involved with the occultl, new age practices, or witchcraft

  • You've consulted palm readers, satanic advisors and psychics and feel tormented

  • Forced or voluntary abortion

  • Suffer from chronic headaches or mental confusion

  • if you have a difficult time reading the Bible or praying

  • You hear strange voices

  • You have unholy fear

  • You've been afflicted with an incurable disease or sicknesses for a long time

  • You've operating under evil covenants and curses

  • There seems to be evil trend of problems in your family

  • You are suffering from unexplainable family breakdowns

  • You've observed that you have inherited problems

  • You feel bound by sin or Satan

  • You are constantly harassed by evil spirits

  • You've experiencing marine attacks and sickness

  • You feel attackings from a spirit husbands/wives

  • You are experiencing breakdowns instead of breakthroughs

  • You are  experiencing spiritual downgrade and downfall or spiritual life is going down

  • You fee oppressed by the enemy

  • if you have unnatural movements in parts of your body

  • Experiencing failure at the edge of breakthroughs

  • Someone prayed for you that was not clean and transference of spirits entered

  • You were conceived in adultery or fornication

  • Your parents contemplated aborting you

  • You were abused as a child

  • You've been raped or molested

  • Your mother had a difficult pregnancy

  • You have horrible experiences in your dreams

  • You almost died during the first few years of life

  • You've been bullied in school and cannot get over it

  • You have a hard time forgiving

Deliverance Session

Personal Deliverance Ministry
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