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Healing Testimonies

Read real stories of healing testimonies by real people giving the glory and power to God; the Lord heals today—miracle prayers of healing through deliverance prayers. It takes trust in God and the Lord heals. 

The Lord gets all the credit for all these testimonies, so we give Him all the praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

Read Healing Testimonies from Others


“At one of her conferences, God healed me of a herniated disk, bulging disk, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, high blood pressure, addictions to pain pills, alcohol, and from cloudy thinking, bad memory, confusion, tormenting spirits, and depression that came in through the occult – thank you, Jesus, for your miracle healing power.”  


“Unforgiveness is definitely my area.  I was at work on Monday following the two-day seminar, and someone said something to me that offended me as soon as she walked out of my office, I said to myself I forgive you (name of person), and every time it came up in my mind I said I forgive you (name of person) and it really did work. I did not excuse what she did I just simply said I forgive you (name of person) whenever she came to mind I also blessed her.” .


“I came in search of answers and to find more freedom from areas of bondage to fear & sexual spirits. Through her teachings and prayers of repentance, I have gained much freedom and learned insight into how to take back ground the Devil had taken.  Thank you, Traci, for your passion for helping others find freedom in Christ. It truly was comforting to find a ministry that understands and can address some of the serious issues people carry & even try to hide because they can't explain or expose it to someone.” 




Attending the Nov. 15 & 16, 2014, seminar, I was delivered from bouts of depression and insomnia.”  

“I am completely and 100% cured of severe asthma and chronic bronchitis.” 

“I suffered years with depression, and I no longer need anti-depressants.”


"Through the teaching and the power of God - He healed me of melanoma cancer when I understood the spiritual roots to disease."


“I was healed of Leukemia while attending the healing meeting in Texas. My faith in God has increased. I am never the same. 


“I was delivered from demonic torment and insomnia after years of taking date rape to sleep. I was healed after attending a deliverance ministry in Texas. Jesus heals today, and He will deliver you as well." – 

watch her healing testimony - deliverance from demons  -part 1

part 2


“I used to participate in Kundalini Yoga and had demonic torment.  While attending a deliverance ministry session, I was set free from demonic torment.” 


“We spent over $30,000, and now I’m healed of multiple chemical sensitivities - I learned about spiritual roots of disease and why I was sick with disease."


“I suffered from pain from a cyst on my spine and needed surgery but God healed me. The Lord truly heals."


“I used to suffer from Fibromyalgia but now I’m healed and free from pain .”


“Set free from spiritual oppression, depression, and demonic torment..” 


“I used to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, but now I live a normal life free from torment.” 


“I suffered from bone loss in my jaw and pain and lived with fear. From the conference I attended, the Lord did a miracle healing and I was restored.”  


“Thank you, Traci. Just writing to you last night set healing in motion. One of my fears about my relationship with God the Father was totally lifted when I clearly understood that His ways are not our ways. I accepted His unconditional love last night and slept well. I woke up this morning calm and feeling His love.” 


"I used to suffer from MCS/EI. I did every type of new age modalities to find healing. Nothing worked and everything kept getting worse, plus the torment – see my testimony.

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