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On-Demand Webinar - Renew Your Mind: Defeating Negative Thoughts God's Way - 2 hours

On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

Get Ready to Take Your Life Back and Experience a Calm and Quiet Mind

Transform Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and Health

Two-Hour Teaching

Mindfulness and Awareness: Start by becoming aware of your negative thoughts and self-talk. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, acknowledge the thought without judgment. Mindfulness can help you observe your thoughts without getting carried away by them.  Often, negative thoughts are distorted and unrealistic.

In this webinar, look for alternative perspectives on a situation. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, think about what could go right. Reframe problems as opportunities for growth and learning by learning God's way of renewing the mind that has extensive long-term effects.

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The goal is to understand the link between negative thoughts and how they impact our body, soul, and spirit. This comprehensive knowledge influences both our anxiety and overall health, aligning with the teachings of John 17:17.

  1. Salvation (2 Cor. 5:17) transforms us into new creatures, but what needs to be renewed? It is crucial to renew our minds by God's ways.

  2. We must identify the negative core belief that contradicts God's truth and drives anxiety, stress, worry, and distress. Why do we hold onto such negative beliefs?

  3. Learn about the origins of thoughts in the three realms and understand the concept of spiritual and biological strongholds.

  4. By following a proven five-step process, we can change our core beliefs and negative thoughts, ultimately impacting our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

  5. Explore the science behind thoughts, specifically how fear affects the brain and body biologically through neuro brain research.

The ultimate objective is to conquer negative thought patterns that fuel anxiety, stress, worry, and disease and to step into alignment with God's plan for us.

What You'll Learn On This FREE Webinar!

Lesson 1

Salvation (2 Cor. 5:17) what needs to become new.

Lesson 2

Identifying the negative core belief that opposes God's truth .

Lesson 3

Identify the negative thought patterns.

Lesson 4

Identify the triggers setting off anxiety, stress, worry, and depression.

Lesson 5

The importance of renewing the Mind by using the proven five-step process.

Lesson 6

Changing core beliefs and negative thoughts through the proven five-step process – affects thoughts, attitudes, behaviors


"Hear What Others are Sharing"

Charlette shares healing testimony of overcoming anxiety
"I no longer feel I need to always be doing something for other people and neglect my own needs. I learned to love myself as God loves me and no longer feel guilty that triggered anxiety."
Shannon shares her experience with the 12-week 5-step transformation program and finds healing from anxiety


"Teresa guided me through the 5-step transformation program in silencing the inner-critical voice that belittled my abilities at work and at home. I have now substituted false beliefs with God's truth, resulting in success in both my professional and personal life."

Arlene's victory - overcoming anxiety
"I have found peace within myself and no longer doubt my decisions. I am confident in my abilities to thrive in both work and home life. I have learned that God is my solution through the five steps in the 12-week transformation program."
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