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Naveed Anjum, preacher, Teacher, and Evangelist in Okara, Pakistan

Hello - My Name is Naveed Anjum - Preacher, Teacher, and Evangelist

I am a pastor of a local church in Okara, Pakistan. Not only am I a pastor, but an evangelist sharing God's Word to a predominate Muslim country. We share the gospel with adults, but train the children to know God's Word.

You can follow us on Facebook and see more pictures and videos of how we are helping people. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004231770300

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What We Do

We do many things besides teaching and preaching God's Word. We raise money and do food distributions, and buy school supplies for children to get an education. During COVID, people could not work because of shutdowns. When people don't work, they don't eat. We could use your help to continue to reach the gospel to the people of Okra, Pakistan, we also provide medical help.  


Pakistan is under attack by the Muslims who are burning churches

On 16 August a incedent held in Pakistan in which 21 churches are burn and 200 houses of christian families and all their House hold things like clothes,fans, chair's,bed, utensils everything etc was burn and now to renew their lives to live they need many things this time they need your financial support as soon as possible because they have nothing this time and shower your love for them through your support and help them. Thank you.


We believe in miracles and pray for the sick. Jesus moves and people are healed. 

Naveed Anjum praying for the sick
Naveed Anjum ministering to children
Naveed Anjum standing with his wife
Naveed Anjum teaching the children
Naveed Anjum giving supplies to children
Naveed Anjum teaching and preaching
Naveed Anjum food distribution
Naveed Anjum praying for the sick
Naveed Anjum

We Have Many Needs and Not Enough Money - Can You Donate?

You can wire monies through Western Union under the name of Naveed Anjum.

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