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Trusting Others  when you've been broken through abuse and have a broken soul - two women holing hands.

A Journey of Healing the Broken Soul

You've gone through trauma in your life?

  • Physical abuse and/or emotional abuse

  • Sexual abuse of any kind

Touch of God Int'l Ministries offers a six-week program for adult women healing from the trauma of past abuse listed above. This study is available as a 1:1 mentoring, later as a group. 

It’s normal to feel stuck and alone in your story - unsure of where to find the right support. We understand that and are here to help you recover so that you can become free to live with peace and joy.

Our program is based on biblical truths and practical wisdom and Godly counsel. You will work with a survivor, Teresa Morin, who understands. Teresa works with you for recovery in the following way:

  • acknowledging your story,

  • overcoming shame,

  • forgive yourself, and forgiveness of others

  • resolving feelings of anger,

  • discovering your true identity,

  • trusting the Lord

  • and building your life on Jesus Christ.

Read Teresa Morin's story

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