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About Us

About Touch of God Deliverance Ministry values

Learn about Touch of God Deliverance Ministry statements and purposes. Touch of God Deliverance Ministry is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. It is a nonprofit – 501(c)(3) organization to build the Kingdom of God – healing the brokenhearted, healing broken souls, and experiencing the power of God (Luke 4:18 & Isaiah 61:1-3).  Traci Morin reached the gospel worldwide, healing the sick and casting out demons according to Mark 16:15-16.

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Statement of Faith

About Touch of God Int'l Ministries

About Us - Statement of Faith
  • We believe in the Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

  • Jesus is the only way to heaven.

  • Jesus Christ was born in a virgin birth, had a sinless life, and did miracles.

  • We believe we can do greater works (John 14:12).

  • We believe Jesus Christ is Savior, Healer and Deliverer, Lord and King. No modalities, vitamins, or visualization will cause divine healing except through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

  • We believe in the death on the cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and He sits on the right hand of the Father.

  • We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired authority of faith and doctrine (Luke 4:18).

  • We believe in the salvation of lost souls, and before Jesus left this earth, He commissioned his disciples and anyone following Him and said in Mark 16:15-18.

  • We believe you have to die to yourself daily and take his cross.

  • We believe that you go to heaven or hell when you die. We do not believe in reincarnation.


Ministry Core Values

  • We teach Disease Prevention, Not Disease Management! Do you want to become free and blessed mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and relationally?

  • We are Christians committed to serving the Lord, and everything we do is to honor God our Father and to follow Jesus.  Most of all, we desire everyone to get saved, healed, and delivered.  This is a Christian Healing Ministry and Christian Deliverance Ministry.

  • We are concerned about the poor in our neighborhoods, our cities of Dallas/Fort Worth, and other nations.

  • We are careful stewards committed to taking seriously the trust in our donors and sponsors.

  • We are serious about the Word of God being taught properly.  The truth sets us free.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Around the World

Creating Meaningful Impact


International Mission Trips Ministering in Philippines

Touch of God Ministries heart is winning souls for Christ before Christ Jesus’ Return.  

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We believe in winning souls in evangelism, church planting, crusades, prayer and revival meetings, deliverance and healing seminars, helping widows and orphanages, and helping stop human trafficking internationally.  Touch of God ministers healing and deliverance, setting the captives free from demonic spirits and spirits of infirmity.

Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry has been on the following international mission trips outreaches worldwide – Reaching a lost World through Christian Mission Trips.

  • Quebec Trip – teaching, ministering to the broken heart. September 27 – 29 Women Conference in Sherbrooke and October 1 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 2018.

  • Honduras Mission Trip – teaching, preaching, ministering healing and deliverance

  • Philippines Mission Trip – crusades – winning souls for Christ, healing, stopping human trafficking

  • China Mission Trip – Winning Souls for Christ

  • Mexico Mission Trip – Winning Souls for Christ and working with an orphanage.

  • Stop Human Trafficking Globally mission trip Manila, Philippines

  • Canada – Winning Souls for Christ Outreach


For those who do not know Jesus, He must be made known to other nations. The heart of Touch of God International Ministries is the healing and deliverance of those in bondage to Satan’s kingdom.


Second, sharing the gospel with the lost so that no man parishes but have everlasting life.  


Three, help actively support missions around the world. We support the following mission work:

Naveed Anjum's Church
Mary Gill's Ministry
Naveed Anjum and Wife

Naveed Anjum and Wife - Okra, Pakistan

Naveed Anium and wife healing the sick

Healing the sick

Mary Gill
Naveed Anjum Ministry
Mary Gill Ministries

Feeding the Poor

Worship service

Helping a Family with School Supplies

Naveed Anjum Preaching in Pakistan

Children's Ministry

Special Children's Program

Sharing the Gospel to the Lost

Feeding the Community

Feeling the Poor with Food

Touch of God About Us

Healing the Sick

About Us - WE give to missions

School supplies for the children

About Us - We give to missions - Naveed Anjum Missions

Preaching to his congregation

About Us - We Give to Missions - Naveed Anjum Pakistan Missions
About Us - We give to missions - Mary Gill Ministries

Food Distribution

About Us - We Give to Missions - Mary Gill Missions

Sharing God's Word

About Us - We Give to Missions - Mary Gill Missions

Children showing appreciation to the contributors

Children's Ministry

Food Distribution

Children's Ministry

Foot washing service

Our Ministry Vision Statement:

Our Ministry Vision Statements: at Touch of God Ministries, commitment to teaching and ministering healing and deliverance prayer, equipping the saints, empowering and educating men and women who feel called to minister spiritual healing and deliverance, and being part of Touch of God Ministries of Healing and Deliverance Ministries or train to start their ministries and throughout the nations to obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ of Nazareth according to Mark 16:15-18.    Our Ministry's core value is healing through deliverance and healing broken souls. 

Who Is Teresa Morin

“My heart is to see God's people walking in their unlimited calling and set free, whole, and healed. Traci Morin's testimony is powerful about how the Lord touched her and set her free from 10 physical diseases and mental diseases. She was set free from demonic oppression, sexual abuse, and ritual abuse from a clinic between the ages of 3 to 5. God radically set her free from oppression, mental torment, depression, and sickness back in the late 90s. Since then, Traci Morin has served in churches and traveled globally, setting the captives free and ministering to thousands.  



She lives in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and started her first ministry in 2005. She is thankful to the Lord for allowing her to touch the lives of people in captivity looking for freedom. She also has a coaching ministry helping women overcome anxiety, have peace and confidence, and enjoy life to the fullest. Visit Anxious2Victorious Women.

Our Focus

Touch of God Deliverance Ministry focus is teaching the Body of Christ how to engage in spiritual warfare, walk out, renew the mind, discern your thoughts, and find healing and peace through our Community Groups, 2-day Break-Free Seminars, Healing Miracle Service either on Facebook or through seminars and conferences.

The Word of God says we need sanctification through God’s Word to renew our minds and heal our bodies and spirit to experience healing.

Traci Morin's Credentials

Creating Meaningful Impact

Ordained by: EMOAF Evangelistic & Discipleship Ministries
Umbrella of Touch of God: The The Fellowship Network

Touch of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry has ministered in Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, Canada, Jamaica, and China with the complete gospel.  We believe in the Word of God and the power of spiritual warfare prayer. We also expose Human Trafficking to abolish human trafficking globally and in the United States Human Trafficking Problems.


Background Experience
  • President of Touch of God International Ministries - 2011 - present - conducted 2 to 3-day conferences.

  • President of Teresa Morin Coaching - Anxious2Victorious Women

  • Co-founder of  Journey2Wholeness Ministries - Healing and Deliverance ministry in 2005 (left in 2010)

  • Currently involved with Toastmasters DCCCD Talks

  • Guest Speaker on Town Talks

  • National Association of Professional Women 2011-2014

  • DayStar phone/prayer counselor

  • CBN phone/prayer counselor

  • Ministry team to satanic ritual abused adults along with an intercessory group.

  • Involved in evangelistic outreach to the lost in Dallas and traveled to New Orleans twice to minister and save the lost

  • Leadership – College and Career Outreach at Fellowship Church

  • Cell Leader and Prayer and Ministry Team at Shady Grove Church, other churches, and special events.

  • Ministry team for Catch Fire, Light the Nations, and other ministries – Dallas Conferences

  • Prayer and Ministry team with Shady Grove Church (now Gateway Church)

  • I worked with the youth and/or working with young children through teaching over the years. I worked with ages from 3 to 18.

  • Worked with an organization called Happening in the Episcopal Church for young people and traveled around the United States teaching and ministering to 3-day renewals in the 80s.

  • Day of Upper Room teaching in the Episcopal Churches around Texas

  • Professional Christian clown and worked with churches and schools in fundraising events.

  • Member of Spiritual Warfare Team in Beaumont, Texas.

Background Training
  • Warriors Notes (Kevin Zedai) - currently getting Theology degree.

  • Coach at Kingdom Builder's Academy and extensive coach training

  • Deliverance and Healing ministry, Be In Health, by Henry Wright, in Georgia (For My Life and For Their Life)

  • Vision Life Ministries in Irving, Texas, advance training in deliverance, intern, and ministry

  • Restoration in Christ by Tom Hawkins – training in helping people suffering from horrific traumatic events, especially occult ritual abuse 

  • Streams Ministry – John Paul Jackson (Prophetic)

  • Derek Prince Training School

  • Online Prophetic School – Godspeak

  • Leadership Mentoring Training

  • Outreach training in evangelism

  • BSF Bible Study and Group Leader

  • Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas – School of Pastoral Ministry – Pastoral Counseling

  • Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute (Christian Counseling)

  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry by Ed Smith – (I no longer practice inner healing)

Again, I have over 25 years of ministry experience.

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Ministry Team

Alicia Emerson


Caman Johnson


Dana Blair


Cynthia Slaboda

Prayer Miniter

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