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Hello - Looking for Christian Speaker for Your Next Event?

Looking for a Female Christian Speaker at your next event?
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Traci Morin's Story

Her personal experiences of overcoming obstacles and finding strength in her faith could resonate with many people displaying resilience. If you believe I would be a good fit, please reach out to me for your next Christian women's event - women's conference, women's Christian retreat, or other. See her story. 

Refined by the Fire

Speech Topics: 
  • A Resilient Life's journey is overcoming abuse, trauma, and learning disabilities.  Knowing Christ and knowing He can heal and help you overcome all odds through the power of the Holy Spirit that heals your broken heart.

  • "Renewing your mind" is a concept often mentioned in Christian teachings and is rooted in the belief that our thoughts and beliefs shape our actions and attitudes. It is based on the idea that by aligning our thinking with biblical truths and principles, we can transform our mindset and overcome negative thinking, anxiety, and mental health challenges.

  • Healing and deliverance seminars, like the ones Traci Morin conducts, aim to address spiritual, emotional, and physical bondage and provide tools for individuals to experience freedom and healing through their faith in Christ. These seminars often combine personal testimonies, biblical teachings, and practical steps to help individuals overcome challenges and find hope and victory.

Traci Morin, the female Christian speaker,  shares her journey of overcoming abuse, learning disabilities, and other adversities; Traci Morin's story can inspire others to trust in the Lord during their trials and tribulations. Her experiences of finding healing, deliverance, and victory through her faith can encourage individuals to persevere, seek God's guidance, and believe that they, too, can overcome obstacles with the help of Christ.

Experience as a Female Christian Speaker and Motivational Speaker

Teresa Morin - Female Christian Speaker

Inspiring Motivational Speaker Delivering A Powerful Message - the Power of God that Transforms Lives:

  • Two to three-day Seminars and Conferences in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Quebec, Canada, Guadalajara, Mexico, Philippines, China, and Jamaica in the area of healing and deliverance as well as leadership training. 

  • Motivational Christian Speaker at retreats, women's conferences, bible studies, women's groups, and more, live or virtual.

    • "Renewing the Mind," 

    • "How to Overcome Adversity and

    • Helps women "Live an Unshakeable Faith for Life no Matter the Circumstances.'"


I teach and share at retreats, bible studies, women's groups, etc.

  • Traci Morin gives electrifying messages that equip, empower, and encourage women, propelling them forward.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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