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Philippines Missionary Trip to Feed the Poor, and Touch Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Winning Souls for Christ in the Philippines

Philippines Missionary Trip. Winning Souls for Christ: Touch of God Int’l Ministries teamed up with Living Waters World Ministries, Humanitarian, Sunshine Stanford, in the Philippines in October 2012 and evangelized souls and ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Winning Souls for Christ and ministered healing and deliverance.

Tacloban, Philippines, was recently hit by a cyclone, and all

most everyone lost their homes. Can you help by giving? Living Waters Ministries is working daily to raise money to help feed the people working with local pastors who have dedicated their lives to help the cause—contact Sunshine Stanford with Living Waters at 469-396-6806. Many people still do not have homes or necessities to live.

Christian Mission Trip – Philippines: Water Baptism, Tacloban, Philippines – newly converted saints. We are about winning souls for Christ for the Kingdom of God.

Teresa Morin ministers baptism in Philippines ocean

Christian Mission Trips – Philippines – Baptism To New Christians

Teresa Morin speaks at tn evangelistic event in Philippines
Teresa Morin speaks at an evangelistic event in Philippines

Christian Mission Trips to the Philippines, Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ - many god saved

Teresa Morin preaches to the Philippines
Teresa Morin preaches to the Philippines

Traci Morin Preaching in Tacloban, Philippines Crusade in Barangue – Christian Mission Trip – Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Teresa Morin miisters to a child in the philippines
Teresa Morin ministers to a child

Laying hands on a boy who was very sick - He was healed.

Teresa preaches salvation
Teresa preaches salvation

Preaching a salvation message in what Jesus did for us.

ministering to others
ministering to others

A Three-day conference, encounter, lives saved, touched, and transformation took place.

Terea Mroin ministers deliverance
Teresa Morin ministers deliverance

Sharing God's Word at a morning church service. Many testimonies of lives changed at the Encounter retreat.

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