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  1. Understanding Negative Thoughts:

    • Explain what negative thoughts and self-talk are.

    • Discuss the impact of negative thinking on our lives.

  2. Renewing the Mind God's Way:

    • Share insights from your faith tradition about renewing the mind.

    • Discuss relevant scripture or teachings that emphasize positivity and transformation.

  3. Practical Strategies :

    • Explore practical steps for identifying and reframing negative thoughts.

    • Introduce techniques like prayer, meditation on God's Word and gratitude from a faith-based perspective.

We Are Coming Soon

Thank you for watching the video . If you want to go deeper and find the freedom of peace, joy, and confidence in your life, take the next step and schedule a 45-minute strategy call to see if you have the right criteria for my 12-week training.

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What are People Saying

Alexa Young, CA

My Name is Cynthia
"I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety, struggling with depression, and constantly trying to please others before I found the Anxious2Victorious 5-step 1-on-1 program with Teresa. She was incredibly kind and understanding as I worked through her program to take control of my anxiety-inducing thoughts.
Now, I have found peace and embraced my authentic self. Thanks to Teresa's care and support, I am free from anxiety and grateful for her guidance."

Hello, I'm Glenda

"Initially apprehensive about seeking guidance from Teresa Morin, I struggled with canceling phone appointments and isolating myself from the world. My past mistakes and regrets made me fear rejection and judgement from others, burdening me with "what ifs" and "should haves". Through Teresa's program, I discovered the power of self-forgiveness and the love of the Lord. I no longer feel undeserving of His love and have learned to embrace my true self without seeking validation from others. Building strong relationships, finding inner peace, and experiencing joy in the Lord, I am no longer consumed by anxiety. I now view my past as a stepping stone for growth and a tool to help others overcome their struggles. Join me on this journey of self-discovery."

Hi! I'm Kathy


Struggling with anxiety, stress, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity took a toll on my career and personal life. Each day seemed filled with reactions I couldn't escape. But then I found Teresa's teachings. Suddenly, a path to healing became clear. Her classes were transformative, and I finally found relief. Gone are the days of anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, and environmental reactions. Even my thinking is clear, and depression is a thing of the past. Thanks to Teresa, I've reclaimed my life and returned to work with a newfound peace.

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