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How Do Demons Have Legal Rights?

There are many factors that give demonic spirits legal rights into your life. See below on the 12/4/7 access list:

12/4/7 Demonic Legal Rights

The Twelve (12) Legal Rights - Personal Sins List:

  1. Not honoring your parents or other authority

  2. Unforgiveness (God, others or self)

  3. Sexual Sins outside of marriage or defiling the marriage bed

  4. Personal sins (envy and jealousy, accusation, pride, stealing, lying, rebellion, abortion, divorce, etc.)

  5. Generational curses (sins an iniquity)

  6. Word curses from others or over yourself (blessings vs. curses)

  7. Ungodly inordinate (co-dependency) issues of controlled

  8. Murder (abortion)

  9. Traumatic Events (physical, spiritual, emotional, rape and molestation from others, loss through weather related, war, not nurtured, given away, neglected, etc.)

  10. Believing the enemy over God’s Word

  11. Idolatry (anything you put above God – people, things, organizations)

  12. Supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena – Serving other gods, witchcraft

The Four (4) Sins from Others:

  1. Born out of wedlock (fear, rejection, lust)

  2. Born into a witchcraft family (demonic attacks)

  3. Adoption/Abandonment (rejection, unloving spirits, fear)

  4. Neglect, Abuse, Not Nurtured by significant other (parents, grandparents, etc.

Seven (7) Spiritual Root Issues that manifest because of the above:

  1. Bitterness (feeling separated, depressed, uncontrolled rage, cannot stop replaying what others have done)

  2. Accusation (against self, others, or God)

  3. Envy and Jealousy (slander, false witness, discord, strife, dissensions, division, covet, scapegoat, etc.)

  4. Rejection (real or perceived: father, mother, siblings, friends, etc.)

  5. Self-hatred (addictions, cutting, tried or thought about suicide)

  6. Fear (worry, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias)

  7. Occult (feeling a band around your head, depression, heaviness, oppression, throat problems, sexual attack, demonic attacks, unexplained pain or sickness, etc.)

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