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Five Steps to Deliverance

There is a process for deliverance so that it is effective for those seeking deliverance ministry to benefit from the prayer of deliverance.

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Five Steps to Deliverance

Our Deliverance Ministry is a proven and effective to break curses and family curses through the ministry of Christ in which when He was on earth, he did breaking curses prayers. After the forms are filled out, ...

Step 1: Review Form Process – Review the two ministry forms – the interview process that gives an understanding of your background. Six areas I look at are 1) Legal ground - abuse, neglect, family dynamics, trauma, spiritual roots to 80% of diseases, sin issues, guilt and shame, not able to let go of the past, drug abuse, etc., 2) strongholds - core belief system that is the opposite of God's truth, 3) generational sins and curses, 4) history of the occult, new age, witchcraft in the generations that brings a curse, 5) separation in three areas (God, self, or others), and 6) witchcraft attacks. 

Step 2: Teach – We teach and give an understanding of the Entry Points or Open Doors for Demonic torment and disease in your life. We want you to get free and, stay free, and live a prosperous life with peace and joy.

Step 3: Closing Doors – A deliverance process of repenting, renouncing, and casting spirits called out one at a time. I fight for you to recover from the enemy's snares through spiritual warfare deliverance prayers.

Step 4: Restoration – Prayers of healing and regeneration over your body, soul, and spirit to restore what the Lord originally intended.

Step 5: Walkout Session – Access to the Video Portal - Thrive Group Mentorship free for 28 days. The videos help a person to maintain their deliverance for freedom. 

What you can expect during a deliverance

What is expected from you:

  • Take the time to fast. How long should I fast? Ask the Lord how long you should fast. 

  • Get into the word to prepare your spirit

  • Take time to worship the Lord

Sometimes, you may manifest a demon; other times, it seems nothing happens when they are expelled.

Mild manifestations involve coughing, spitting up phlegm, burping, deep yawning or sighing, pressure or pain in your body, shaking, screaming, etc. We, as ministers, have the authority to stop the manifestation. I don't allow it.

If you feel these things coming at you, let me know, especially if you are experiencing pain. Sometimes, demons may use your vocal system to speak through you to the minister. I also do not allow this or talk to them except for rare occasions. 

More vital manifestations - can occur when a person is being delivered from severe oppression, deliverance from occult involvement, new age modalities, or Satanism. If a person's body levitates, has convulsions, etc. I don't allow this. They can cause your body to levitate, convulsions, etc.  

Suppose you have been involved in energy healing - Reiki, etc., new age practices - yoga, open chakras., false religions, witchcraft, occult, Satanism, or other more profound demonic practices. In that case, it doesn’t hurt to inform your minister beforehand. 

Sometimes, feelings or emotions will often rise as spirits are confronted. For example, if we are dealing with a spirit of grief, the person may experience deep sorrow, crying, etc., as it is driven out.

Sometimes, loss of consciousness. As the spirits manifest, some will suppress your consciousness as they manifest. Sometimes, you feel drowned out but are unaware of what is happening. 

Demons may speak through you to the minister at times. Demonic spirits speaking is a distraction using your mouth to communicate. If you hear yourself spewing curses and foul language toward your minister, don’t be ashamed… it happens! I also don't allow this and will demand them to be quiet. 

Sometimes, spirits can be stubborn and require persistence to drive them out. When a demon does not leave, I will ask you whether there is any deep regret of self-unforgiveness or bitterness towards others or God. Once we deal with the bitterness and pain, it becomes much more manageable.


Do not be afraid of demons. God is greater than the kingdom of darkness. Don't go into fear or self-doubt. Keep your eyes on the Lord.  


The goal of deliverance is wholeness.

It is easy to think of the deliverance ministry as a quick fix… simply casting out demons takes away all of a person’s curses.  I do fight for you during deliverance ministry. The ministry of deliverance is often a process that involves driving out the demons. There are usually strongholds to be torn down. Since strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns, this is done by renewing your mind according to the Word of God. Pursuing an intimate relationship with the Lord is essential once you have been delivered. If you neglect your relationship with God, the enemy would be more than happy to begin finding ways to cause you to lose your newfound freedom.

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