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Professional Learning Experience - Ministry Training in Spiritual Healing and Deliverance.

This program is focused on equipping individuals with knowledge and skills related to spiritual healing and deliverance.

The purpose of the ministry training is to encourage, train, equip, and empower those who desire to learn prayer of deliverance on others by the Holy Spirit for discernment. Knowing how to minister healing of past wounds, sickness, and diseases in the soul, mind, will, and emotions. During the process, they receive spiritual deliverance ministry for wholeness in their own lives.

The result is freedom from demonic spirits that would keep them from walking and drawing near to God. 

  • Are we called to start a spiritual deliverance ministry and become a deliverance minister of healing? Maybe you are not sure how to go about it.

The teaching gives an overview and foundational understanding of spiritual deliverance and healing, including the scriptural and biblical basis, the authority of the believer, and identity in Christ while learning the 12/7/4 strategy. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18), so the concept of healing the brokenhearted is healing the soul. 


Students will learn the open doors of demonic attacks, core beliefs that don't align with God, heart issues, and character deficiencies that keep Christians from being fruitful in life and ministry. 

The Purpose of the Training: to equip you to minister using the Touch of God Int'l Ministry process. 

  • The online teachings are about every facet of deliverance ministry to prepare you to minister effectively to others.

  •  You will be shown how we conduct each session.

  • You receive complete background teachings on generational curses, word curses, strongholds, soul ties, sickness and disease, and many more.

  • Lifetime access to the resource library of many different prayers, overviews, videos, etc. 

Included in the program is lifetime access to the following:

  1. Training Manual: This is a 300-page manual that likely contains instructional content related to the program or course you're referring to.

  2. Book on the spiritual roots of disease: This book aims to provide insights and understanding of how the disease is perceived in the context of spirituality and God's word.

  3. Eighteen main-course video teachings: These are video lessons that form the program's core content. They likely cover various aspects of the subject matter.

  4. Extra video teachings: Besides the main course videos, this package includes additional video teachings that provide supplementary information or cover specific topics.

  5. Encyclopedia Dictionary of the Cult: This resource is a reference book that likely provides definitions, explanations, and information about various cults.

  6. At War Manual by Traci Morin: This manual, authored by Traci Morin, focuses on spiritual warfare and may contain guidance, strategies, or teachings on engaging in spiritual battles.

  7. The Occult by Josh McDowell: This book, written by Josh McDowell, likely explores the topic of the occult, providing insights, analysis, or teachings about occult practices and beliefs.

  8. Water Spirits by Debo: This resource, possibly a book or teaching, could delve into water spirits from a spiritual or religious perspective.

  9. Research on the Gap Theory by Finis Dake: This research likely pertains to the Gap Theory. This theological concept attempts to reconcile the biblical account of creation with scientific theories.

  10. Over 20+ Renunciation prayers are designed for individuals to renounce or reject specific beliefs, practices, or influences that may be considered negative or harmful.

  11. Other teachings outside the training manual: This could refer to additional resources, books, videos, or teachings that are not explicitly mentioned but are still part of the package.

  12. Prayer of deliverance: Following each teaching session, participants pray to seek spiritual deliverance and wholeness concerning the topics covered.

  13. Internship under the instructor.

  14. Certificate of completion upon completion - 5-month training.

Students learn how to help someone recover from the following:


Core Teachings: Bitterness, Rejection, Unloving Spirits, Fear, Occultism, and more. Then looking at the behavior, thinking, diseases, and attitudes. 

Specific issues: abortion, soul ties, the curse of illegitimacy, sexual abuse, gender confusion, guilt, generational curses, mental illnesses, and much more lies of the enemy by teaching truths of God's Word to others.

Jesus gave all Christians the authority to cast down devils as Jesus did (Luke 11:14-26). The focus is on developing the gifts, skills, and anointing to minister deliverance to others.

As students undergo weekly training and ministry at the end of every session. The ministry guarantees freedom from hindrances as a student.

Requirements through the internship:


  • All students must sit in during a deliverance session with their coach.

  • Required hands-on student involvement allows exercising their discerning abilities, learning how to flow in the spirit - trust God, and test their spiritual authority. All students will learn how to utilize their listening and interview skills. During a conference, students, not required, are welcome to participate and pray for clients. 

How to get started:

 Contact us for a free 45-minute strategy call to assess your needs, decide on a coach, and propose a solution program (training, meetings, etc.) by phone. Programs are either group or one-on-one training.

All training is through Zoom. Available are videos, teachings, a resource room with many prayers, teachings, etc. 

After the 16-week training, students will become skilled and confident to help others become free from life's hindrances. So, sign up for a FREE strategy call with Traci Morin. 

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The FREE strategy calls last 45 minutes to learn about you, and you know about the program.

 Are you seeking healing ministry for deliverance from emotional abuse and other traumatic events, or from demonic curses and spiritual attacks? We are led by the Holy Spirit and approach and help others through compassion, understanding, and respect. We offer deep spiritual warfare prayers and provide a safe space for individuals to share their experience. Our goal is to set the captives free.
Thrive Group Mentorship program is exclusively for empowering women. We meet weekly for teachings and prayer ministry. Our spiritual focus emphasizes on spiritual growth and development, we address the unique challenges women face in their personal and spiritual lives. This is a great way to help women connect with others and grow in their faith. Many people feel alone in their struggles, and having a group of like-minded individuals to lean on can make a huge difference. By creating a safe and supportive environment, women can feel free to share their challenges and receive encouragement and support from others.
 If you are struggling with anxiety, we offer a 90-day coaching program to kick out anxiety, silence the anxious negative thoughts, unlocking lasting confidence. Anxiety often step from deep-seated trauma or other issues that require help. We identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop a step-by-step plan using biblical principles.
Starting a ministry or nonprofit organization can be a rewarding way to serve your community and make a positive impact in the world. Starting a ministry or nonprofit organization can be a complex process, and we help you with the process.
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