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Specialty Ministry Groups - Thrive Specialty Helps

When the emotional pain is too much:
The whole intention of THRIVE Group Mentoring is to help women overcome life hurts, pains, or being stuck in quicksand and unable to move forward. The program is to help women get free to live their lives to the fullest in what God has for them. 

Specialty 4-Week Classes

Sexual Abuse

Gone through some type of sexual abuse and feel stuck in the past. The memories cause deep pain and anquish?

Letting Go of the Past

You live with regrets in your past and cannot seem to let go or forgive yourself? 

Identity Issues

A people pleasure to everyone. You served and given and lost yourself in the midst. Now, wanting to regain who you are.

These are some of the specialty classes offered by THRIVE Group Mentoring. This is subject to change.

Grown up in the church but stuck?

When emotional pain is too much:
Life has many blows, disappointments, or unexpected losses in many forms and shapes. You may have served the Lord all your life. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Sometimes we just need a group of warriors to surround us and lift us up, encourage us, cover and protect us, hug us, or just listen as we can get back up on our feet again and fly and soar. 


abuse support - Thrive Specialty helps

How can I become part of THRIVE Group Mentoring?

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