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Dealing with Hindering Spirits is a great book. Perry grew up in the church; his father was a pastor. Because of that, he is very knowledgeable about deliverance.

This book exposes evil spirits in a person’s life that can hinder you from the purposes of God-given assignment by creating distractions, strange trials, and abnormal obstacles and frustrations, thus making your work trying, tiring, and difficult. Can you relate to this?


In this book, Perry Stone reveals his testimony of how he met and overcame hindering spirits early in his ministry. You can also. This book helps expose the enemies' plan against your life and how to overcome it as Perry Stone did. He gives an account and exposes the assignments of the adversary and arms the Believer with practical and Biblical insight to help deal with attacks by hindering spirits from the demonic spirit realm. Get this book, Dealing with Hindering Spirits.


Do you remember in God’s Word that the Apostle Paul’s thorn in the flesh, the adversary, has designed a plan of attack against the Believer and the church? These hindering spirits work against God’s people to sidetrack them from their calling and purposes. Not only that, it stops you when you do try to go forward for God. Many times they work through people to stop you. That is when it hurts.


Discover the joy and peace of overcoming the adversary as you read this book, Dealing with Hindering Spirits.


Dealing with Hindering Spirits

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