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Breaking Spiritual Blockages Removal Workbook



Do you have a spiritual blockage and are looking for a workbook for spiritual blockage removal? This book by Anna Mendez Ferrell wrote a workbook called Iniquity - The major hindrance to Seeing God's glory manifested in your life. What is Iniquity? The Greek word for the iniquity that is used most frequently in the New Testament is anŏmia, which means “illegality, i.e., violation of the law or . . . wickedness.” It stems from the word anŏmŏs, which refers to not being subject to the law.


Based on the teaching of Jesus and other passages of Scripture, iniquity is doing our own will instead of God’s will, even if our own will appears to be “doing good.”For example, King David was born in sin, shapen in iniquity in sexual immorality. The Den of Iniquity Origin: The term's origin can be traced back to the New Testament of the Bible. In both Gospel of Mark and Matthew, Jesus condemns those using the sacred temple as a marketplace, proclaiming that they have "made it a den of thieves." Today, writers use the word "den" to mean a place where evil activities occur.


Anna gives an excellent illustration of iniquity. She says, "The Operation and Manifestation of Iniquity If we could visualize the body of iniquity, it would resemble a twisted black cord in our spirit. It is made of hundreds of thick knots, layer over layer, that appear to be filthy rags, filled with lots of information and covenants accumulated from generation to generation."Get this spiritual blockage removal workbook with over 250 questions that will bring the reader into more profound and more detailed knowledge about the revelations written on it from a practical and straightforward way of view.


Remove the iniquity and experience more of God instead of guilt and shame. Have victory over bad habits.Jesus gave us the power through his death to overcome the sins of the Fathers in our lives. This book is in PDF electronic format and book is delivered by email.




The Spiritual Blockages Removal Workbook

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