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 Deliverance Ministry - Steps and Payment - 

$2100 or less per month per household

Are you in need of a deliverance ministry and making $2100 or under per household?  

Required Forms to Fill Out to Receive Ministry:

1.  Form 1 - (required) History

2.  Form 2 - (required) Liability form

3.  Required Bitterness Form: This must be filled out before your session. 

4.  See the payment link below: $65 one-time or $35.00 for a 2-month payment. 

5.  (required) Calendar Date and Time Scheduler to schedule an appointment and make a payment. The time and date are scheduled for four weeks only.

6. Extra—the Thrive Group Mentorship (two FREE times) on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time through Zoom.

If you have any problems with the forms, calendar, or payment, please text me at 817-381-8115. I will call you back when I can.

Included Benefits in the Cost:

  • Experience the power of Deliverance Ministry online from the comfort of your home! Our sessions are conducted online via Zoom for your convenience. Once payment is processed, a personalized Zoom link will be sent directly to your email. Schedule your session at least 24 hours in advance for optimal planning. Our dedicated team takes the time to carefully review your filled-out forms to create the most effective plan for your deliverance and freedom. Take the first step towards liberation today!

  • Personalized One-on-One Sessions: Dive deep into the root issues holding you back.

  • Breakthrough Sessions: Overcome strongholds, curses, addictions, and sin issues for a fresh start.

  • Christian Spiritual Healing: Find peace of mind through physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing.

  • Two-Week Free Thrive Group Mentorship: Join a supportive community of empowered women. .

  • Free Social Group Access: Connect with like-minded individuals even if you don't sign up for ministry.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose your preferred date and time for sessions.

  • Join the Touch of God Website Membership today and gain access to a collection of regularly updated free ebooks. Membership at Touch of God Ministries is completely complimentary.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for personal growth and transformation – secure your spot today by registering for a Deliverance Ministry Session.

Beneficial Deliverance Teachings
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Holy Bible and Prayer

Book a Time and Payment For a 2-Hour Deliverance Ministry Session Options

Make a Payment Deliverance Ministry

Remove Curses and Demons to Freedom

$65.00 one-time pymt

Discount Deliverance Ministry

$35 -2-month pmt. plan

Remove Curses and Demon to Freedom

Please make sure you choose a calendar date and time before making payment. The Times are Central Standard Time. During payment, keep the user and password to access the Portal. When you get to Next, underneath, it says, "Already a member? Login." Click "login" and sign up or log in with Google, Facebook, or email.

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