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The Truth and Exposing Doterra Oils - Not God's Way to Heal

Updated: Jan 27

three doerra oils - not god's way to heal
exposing the truth of doterra oils

Exposing Doterra Oils

Doterra The doTERRA Lotus Diffuser was shaped like the Wiccan symbol for “purification.” And lotus is the crucial symbol used in Buddhism.)

Founder David Stirling is a Mormon. Christians are unaware of the depths of occult power in Mormonism. They participate in elaborate magical rituals in their temples that rival anything in Wicca witchcraft. The Mormon Temple is covered by Satanic symbols like the all-seeing eye from ancient Egypt. It is common knowledge that Joseph Smith (the Mormon founder) was deeply involved in divination and carried an accursed object called the Jupiter Talisman. We must do everything in exposing Doterra Oils.

David Stirling worked for Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oil for many years. The history and beliefs of Gary Young are deeply troubling. Over the years, he has been involved in different types of New Age and occult healing therapies and clinics that made false claims of healing.

It is also interesting to note that many witches sell and advocate doTerra and Young Living Essential Oils on their websites.

A Christian should never seek healing or spiritual help from other religions or pagan practices.

The Lord does not need your help in healing your body. It is the power of God. Anything you put above God in the area of healing becomes witchcraft.

Are you looking for deliverance? You've come to the right place.

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