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He resotres my soul - receiving godly counsel and deliverance ministry


Healing and Deliverance Ministry

He Restores My Soul

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Touch of God Int'l Ministry (deliverance ministry) is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization in Dallas-Fort Worth founded by Traci Morin in 2005.  Our primary purpose focuses on spiritual healing, breaking curses, and helping those with anxiety symptoms by releasing trauma from the body through deliverance prayers.

Touch of God 
teachings and practices based on Jesus Christ that bring transformation and healing - He restores my soul.

We offer a variety of programs and services: personal deliverance ministry, healing prayers for the sick, teachings & training, and long-term women's connection group. 

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Deliverance for Healing and Training- Unbound Ministry for Soul Restoration

Welcome to Touch of God Deliverance Ministry 
Our purpose is to help you get free, receive spiritual healing, and live a blessed life of peace and live the fullest in God's plan by removing blocks:
  • Deliverance Prayers: We pray deliverance prayers involve seeking divine intervention to break negative spiritual influences such as witchcraft attacks, release individuals from generational curses, and remove any strongholds of the mind. 

  • Generational Curses: The ministry aims to identify and address patterns of negative behaviors or conditions passed down through generations. The focus is breaking generational curses andd patterns through deliverance prayers.

  • Breaking Curses: Many people desire to quit smoking, stop falling into porn, stop drinking, or have addictive sexual sins, but no matter how hard they resolve, they can't stop. Through prayer of repentance, disconnect you from the demons holding you captive through God's divine power to bring about freedom and restoration.

  • Pulling Down Strongholds of the Mind: Strongholds refer to deeply ingrained negative thought patterns or behaviors that can hold individuals captive. Through prayer, faith, and spiritual guidance, the ministry aims to help people break free from these strongholds of the mind to have positive thoughts of who they are.

  • Healing Trauma and Anxiety Symptoms: We address emotional and psychological trauma by offering prayers for healing, comfort, and emotional restoration. The goal is to release emotional pain and promote spiritual and emotional well-being.

  • Healing and Miracles: Touch of God believes in the power of faith to heal the sick, setting the captives free,  and even perform miraculous acts, such as raising the dead. 

  • Letting Go of the Past Hurts or Shame and Guilt: Learn how to stop beating yourself up and take back your joy God's way by healing the hurt. According to Jesus: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). He steals your identity. God wants you to live in His grace. 

There is always a cause and effect, and we get to the spiritual root to your problem. This ministry focuses on Godly counsel, prayer for physical healing, emotional wounds, and deliverance from evil by setting the captives free from evil spirits.  We intend for the body of Christ to live a blessed life of freedom and not be stuck in the mud. If that is you, sign up for an online deliverance session
Mountain Ridge

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The Essentials of Prayer - Bounds

Essentials of Prayer

Many Programs and Services:

We offer several training programs, and women's discipleship can provide meaningful connection, support, and guidance for those seeking spiritual growth, healing, and freedom from present or past issues. You won't be alone. 

background deliverance ministry
six-month internship - deliverance ministry

Trained and Equipped in Deliverance and Healing

This program equips individuals with knowledge and skills related to spiritual healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare prayers, and Godly counsel to others to set the captives free from bondages.

deliverance ministry programs
Kick Social Anxiety Out (10).png

Kick Social Anxiety Out

Powerful ways to transform social anxiety and shyness holding you back from gaining confidence and Relating to others Comfortably and Easily. Check out the 12-Week Coaching Program!

deliverance ministry to set the captives free
deliverance ministry

Seeking Healing and Deliverance Ministry?

Are you sick and tired of hurting, being tormented, and blocked from destiny? Maybe it is time to sign up for ministry. Everyone who goes through ministry feels free, peaceful, and happier

Thrive Group Mentorship - Empowering Women
empowering women to overcome difficulties

Thrive Group Mentoring - Empowering Women

Feeling Stuck, Lost,  and Desperate for Freedom to Thrive and Flourish! Are You Ready to Heal Your Wounded Soul and Step Into Your Calling? 

We meet weekly on Sundays!

free webinar to renew the mind, and defeating negative thoughts god's way

FREE Webinar 

Join us for an uplifting and transformative free webinar how to overcome negative thoughts & self-talk through the power of renewing our minds in alignment with God's teachings. 

Raising Money for the Pakistan Church/Ministries

pakistan children need your help

Give and Receive a Free ebook

Free ebook - praying mothers praying for their children

Pakistan needs your help to share the gospel. It is mostly Muslim with very few Christians. Their lives are always in danger. 

The ministry feeds the hungry, leads a church, teaches children, lay hands on the sick.


They need money to 1. a  roof on the church, 2. feed the hungry, and 3. supplies for the children to go to school along with supplies to teach the children.

Mary Gill - Caring Life Ministry

Naveed Anjum - church


Angela Gill

"God healed me of melanoma cancer when I understood the spiritual roots."

Brenda Thompson

"I am completely and 100% cured of severe asthma and chronic bronchitis."

Shirley Benson

““I was healed of Leukemia while attending the healing meeting in Texas..”
"At one of her conferences, God healed me of herniated disk, bulging disk, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, high blood pressure, addictions to pain pills, alcohol, and from cloudy thinking, bad memory, confusion, tormenting spirits and depression that came in through the occult – thank you Jesus for your miracle healing power."

She eventually went through my advance classes and graduated and became part of my team.


Deep Spiritual Warfare
Prayer Books and Other