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Stop Child Trafficking Now – Save the Children by Donating to Help!

Updated: Jan 27

Stop Human Trafficking and Save Our Children
Stop Human Trafficking - the biggest slave trade ever

Watch a Video of global problems and another video of children abandoned and exploited in the graveyards of Manila.

You can help be part of “Save the Children” globally. There are over 33 million human trafficking today, and your donations can make a difference.

$1 per day can eliminate human trafficking in 1 year*

220 million US Christians x $365 = $80,300,000,000 (just 1% = almost 1 Billion)

Year 2 and beyond Build jobs and infrastructure for victims and their families… Stop Child Trafficking Now

Touch of God with “END IT” www.enditmovement.com

Stop the Global Sex Trafficking Industry
Stop human trafficking

US Christians, who total 73% of the 313 million population, and those Americans of every persuasion interested in this movement, can give to Touch of God International Ministries.

Children caught in in human trafficking
Stop human trafficking

We support those who partner with “End It” to provide for victims’ housing, employment, physical, educational, or legal needs and Touch of God International Ministries to raise funds and educate the community churches about the Human Sex Trafficking trade. Let the Touch of God come into your church to bring awareness. Touch of God Ministries is a healing and deliverance ministry specializing in trauma. Our teaching is from “A More Excellent Way” by “Be In Health” teachings by meeting spiritual needs (Body-Soul-Spirit), aka Divine healing.

Stop Child Trafficking facts and about human sex trafficking in the United States:

  • Stop Child Trafficking Average Age: The average age in the commercial human sex trafficking industry is 12-14 years old. Some are as young as six years of age.

  • The average life span of a person in the human sex trafficking trade is seven years. Some die because of organ harvesting. Many die from abuse, disease, and neglect.

  • Texas is in the top ten states involved in sex trafficking. The Truth About Human Trafficking In Texas, Human Trafficking in Austin, TX,

  • There are anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 human sex trafficking victims. 50% of those victims are estimated to be children, so let’s stop child trafficking!

  • There are only 600 beds designated for sex trafficking victims in safe houses nationwide.

  • Stop Child Trafficking In Texas: there are two safe houses for sex trafficking victims: one safe house, Refuge City, Collin County, Texas.

  • Many children found and rescued immediately return to the streets for lack of help, healing, and rehabilitation. Safe houses are the only way to restore them.

  • Over a million are moved over the borders of the USA and Mexico,

  • 70% are female, 50% are children, 20% work in labor camps,

  • Girls and boys are recruited from Facebook, MySpace, chat rooms, and other social media.

Behind bars and used for human trafficking
Stop human trafficking

Stop Child Trafficking Trade Texas: Giving $1 a day is all it takes. Stop Child Trafficking Slavery today! Touch of God is a monthly Refuge City, McKinney, Texas, the giver. Refuge City is a safe house for restoration to Human Sex Trafficking victims.

Partner (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area – Texas is one of the top 10 states involved in sex trafficking)

Refuge City Redeemed Ministries

Refuge City does the following to Stop Children.

Trafficking in Texas:

  • They bring awareness by going into churches and other organizations,

  • Prevention by teaching communities and children the dangers of sex trafficking,

  • They bring restoration by bringing healing and restoration by providing a safe home for victims of human trafficking as well as an extensive ministry:

    • Refuge City works with Dallas Community High-Risk Victims Task Force to help set free the captives.

    • A highly structured program of on-site schooling, professional counseling, classes on life skills, and independent living.

There are approximately 300,000 victims of human trafficking and only 100 beds in the United States! In Texas, there are two safe houses for sex trafficking victims, Refuge City. They offer victims a safe place to heal and be restored.

Children stuck in human trafficking
Please give to stop human trafficking

$30.00 monthly for 12 months of recurring payments – your monies will first be dedicated to Refuge City.

Donate to help stop human trafficking
Please give to stop human trafficking

Donate today to make a difference to stop the suffering in America and the world.

Also, some of the monies were designated to Living Waters, a Philippine outreach and rescue children out of Manila Cemetery. Other Organizations help the cause to stop Human Trafficking. Visit their website and give directly to them. Let's Stop Child Trafficking!

Learn the shocking facts about Human Trafficking in the world. Let's all work together to abolish human trafficking. Let’s all give to “Save a Child.”

Why children end up in Human Sex Trafficking: Neglect and Abandonment:

Neglect predisposes children and youth to Human Sex Trafficking. The effects are as follows.

  • Difficulty trusting

  • Inner anger, hostility toward others

  • Guardedness, defensiveness

  • Mood swings

  • Depression

  • Insecurity (feeling unloving, unwanted, and trashed)

  • Emotional numbness

  • Fear of rejection (fear of man and needs to please others to be accepted)

1.7 million foster care children run away and caught for human trafficking
Innocent children being abducte

Of the 1.7 million foster care children who run away:

  • An estimated 1.3 million return;

  • 6,300 children do not return

  • 371,000 children remain away from their foster care placements for longer than a month

  • 14,900 children were sexually assaulted, or someone attempted to assault them during their time away sexually

  • 1,700 children engaged in sexual activity in exchange for money, drugs, food, or shelter during the episode

Boy are caught for human trafficking
Even boys being abducted for human trafficking

Homeless after Running away from Fostercare:

  • 22% of youth “aging out” of the foster care system end up homeless

  • 21-42% of homeless young adults were sexually abused before running away from their families

  • 75% of all sex trafficking victims were at one point homeless

  • 1 in 3 homeless teens is lured into human trafficking within 48 hours of leaving home.

Children sold daily for human trafficking
Stop human trafficking

Who are the human traffickers?

  • 24% were at one point committed into foster care as a child

  • 48% of the interviewees had run away from home due to physical or sexual assault

  • 100% of the ex-traffickers interviewed experienced physical violence in their home.

  • 80% had experienced sexual abuse as a child by a family member, foster care parent or close family friend.

Human traffickers recruit
Stop human trafficking - the largest slavery ever in our history

Where do Human Traffickers Recruit?

  • Foster Care / Group homes

  • Homeless Shelters

  • The Street

  • Alternative High Schools

  • Juvenile Justice Facilities

  • Malls/Movie houses

trauma from human trafficking
Stop human trafficking - the largest slavery ever in our history

Today as many as 300,000 to 400,000 children are commercially sexually exploited in the United States each year.

At least 800,000 runaway children will be lured into commercial sexual exploitation each year.

50% of children sold into trafficking in California are foster care, children.

At least 85% of all New York had a child welfare background, and 75% of New York City residents had spent time in foster care.

98% of children identified as survivors of sex trafficking had previous involvement with child welfare services, and many were legally in the care custody of the state while traffickers were prostituting them.

many human trafficking children need your help
Stop human trafficking - the largest slavery ever in our history

Would you consider helping out by donating to stop or give a child a chance to heal?

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