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Calm the Storm Awaits

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Calm the Storm Awaits - Women at peace with tornado behind her
Calm the storm awaits

Calm the Storm - If you’re anxious, what best describes you? Are you stuck in the pain of loneliness because of social anxiety? Get nervous around crowds or more?

✔️ You hide your feelings and neglect your needs until you feel so uncomfortable you burst? ✔️ You live in your head overthinking, ruminating, worrying, and preparing for worst-case scenarios? ✔️ You micromanage and try to control…well…everything to create more certainty? The reason why most people haven’t soothed their anxiety is because of these three reasons.

#1 You’re in survivalism #2 You don’t (know how to) face what scares you #3 You’re not in alignment with your nervous system

#4 Shy away from parties Are you running a million miles per hour and unable to switch off? You can only “relax” by numbing out on comfort food and alcohol, isolating, Netflix, or distracting yourself by excessively scrolling or going down rabbit holes? Or maybe, you find yourself living to please others. Instead of having hard conversations, you suppress your needs and emotions until you feel so much tension and anxiety you explode.

What if I could help you slow down and self-soothe so that you can live at the pace of your nervous system and feel safe and secure?

What if I could shorten the learning curve so you don’t have to spend years feeling trapped and limited by anxiety?

What if I could show you how to get out of your head and into your body so you don’t have to numb, distract, busy yourself, or avoid your feelings and needs? This is why I’ve created Below the Surface.

Here’s what you’ll experience when you join this 90-day program, “Kick Out Anxiety in 90-Days.” The Anxious2Victorious Women is a biblical-based program to gain confidence, have lasting relationships, and have peace over the clutter in their heads.

Calm the Storm Awaits

Do you feel like you need a friend who understands?

✔️ Clarity on why you’re still anxious and how to soothe it (knowing how to soothe anxiety really ups your sense of security). ✔️ How to slow down and listen to your body so you can feel safe. ✔️ Tools to get you out of your anxiety brain and increase a sense of ease, trust, and flow. ✔️ Understanding your nervous system so you can align with your natural rhythm. ✔️ Learn five steps to conquer the negative thoughts to a calm mind ✔️ Daily practices to implement to emotionally regulate so you can communicate what you need, even where you feel afraid to do so. ✔️ Lifetime access to both the masterclass and workshop. 90-day Thrive Group Mentorship (usually 14-day free trial) that meets on Sundays weekly for teaching, collaboration, and ministry as a bonus.

Do you need a victory to live in peace and joy and step into all God has for you? If you are interested, sign up for a FREE strategy call. It is effortless. Click on the link and choose a day and time that works for you. I look forward to learning about you, your needs, and how I can help you. Coach Teresa Morin


Calm the STorm by kicking out anxiety in 90 days
Kick anxiety out in 90-days and discover peace and joy

90-day Program to Kick Anxiety Out and have peace to enjoy life, wake up refreshed, ready to look ahead, and not live in dread.

Schedule a FREE 45-minute call to learn more.


Thrive group mentorship for women
Thrive group mentorship for women

Exciting New Program with Touch of God International Ministries.

Become part of a Women's Warrior Group called "Thrive Group Mentorship - Empowering Christian Women." To learn more, join me for the Thrive Group Mentorship - Empowering Women, Sunday, July 1, 4:30 pm Central Standard Time (Chicago Time) FREE teaching to check it out. Learn more and get the Zoom link to join me live! You will be blessed. Subject: Overcome guilt of the past.


Need Prayer - ways to receive prayer
Join us for prayer on tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. central standard time

We have weekly prayer on Facebook Private Group and other ways we pray for you.


Looking for healing and deliverance ministry? Father's Day Grief
We offer prayer for deliverance to set you free to live life free.

Are you in need of deliverance or healing? Touch of God International Ministries helps free the captives from curses, generational curses, strongholds, and more ...


Free mini-course webinar - transform your thoughts to change your life and health
Join us for a free webinar.

FREE Webinar - Overwhelmed and unable to focus on your day, feeling intense, excessive,

persistent worry and fear about the everyday situation? Reserve your spot today!


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These are complex, confusing times, and though we know that our God is in control and will take care of us, we sometimes feel anxious and worried. We know that, as written in Philippians 4:6, prayer is the answer, but sometimes praying is complex, and you need someone to pray with you. If you need prayer, fill out the form, we pray weekly on Tuesday nights over your prayer request. 

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