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Updated: Jan 27

Learn why your stuck in Anxious Thought Patterns
Learn why your stuck in Anxious Thought Patterns

Hurry, This is Your Last Chance to Book Your FREE Breakthrough Session ($222 Value - FREE ) Click Here before it's gone!

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you signed up for my FREE report. In that case, it means you’re interested in learning how to conquer social anxiety, depression, and excessive worry by learning how to stop the anxious, negative thought patterns and feelings and fears around relationships that are blocking you from enjoying life with confidence and success with exuberant peace and joy either at work, home, or reaching the goals you desire to do. And no, I don’t know what’s led you up to this point in your anxiety/depression journey…

… but here’s what I *do* know:

I specialize in helping people who suffer from social anxiety, shyness, and loneliness to help them move forward into everything God has for them. I’m confident I can help you. The world is more stressed, worried, sad, and in pain today than ever. I teach the biblical mind-management program that will help you overcome and conquer social anxiety, stress, and loneliness forever through my program, "Kick Out Anxiety! Step Into God's Peace and Purpose in 90 Days."

So, if *you* would like that…

I just ask you to understand that…

… my time is limited! Fortunately, the fact that you’re receiving this email means that (a) you still qualify for a FREE strategy session, and (b) at the time of sending this email, I have at least one more open slot this month.

But unfortunately, depending on when you try to book your call… I may not have any more FREE spots for the month for FREE Strategy calls, so you’ll have to pay my consultation fee of $222/hr. for a call.

In other words… if you want to talk on the phone, please book your appointment now!


… can you feel that?

I sense a breakthrough by turning your social anxiety and the walls closing in on loneliness into the fulfillment of life without medication somewhere ahead through my biblical mind-management program to conquer anxiety, stress, and depression… :)

Two options:

1. One-on-One for 90-days, very limited or

2. Group sessions with 1 one-on-one with me. A 30% discount is offered for some time.

I hate for you to miss out and stay stuck, letting the enemy STEAL your ability to ENJOY the abundant life Jesus DIED to give you. You have a choice. Stay stuck or enter into your God-given great life.

Look at what you get when you decide after the 1:1 strategy call and you sign up for my 90-day Anxious2Victorious Women Coaching Program:

  • Receive 12 Weeks of Live Coaching Following Prayer Ministry with Teresa Morin, an ordained minister with 20+ Years of Experience.

  • A Custom-Tailored Road Map to Silence the Anxious, Negative Thoughts to Joyful, Purposeful Living:

    • Foundational teachings on why not loving yourself, God, or others open the door to fear.

    • Learn the five-step action plan of practical steps and strategies to recognize and dismantle the enemy's lies

    • Snap out and remove anxious thought patterns

    • Reframe your thoughts with God's truth by implementing specific anti-anxiety tools so the enemy cannot hold you back from your destiny.

    • Get grounded in your identity in God that brings healing mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    • Discover your awareness to love yourself again and break the cycle of guilt and shame.

  • Join the Supportive Community Groups - Connect, Share Thoughts, and Ask Questions.

  • Bonus #1: Receive One Personal Ministry Coaching Session.

  • Bonus #2 Receive the 20-page Workbook "Kick Out Anxious, Negative Thoughts, and 179-page 31-Day Journal/Devotional

  • Support and Accountability - You Don't Go It Alone!

  • Even if you don't sign up for a Strategy call, join me for our weekly prayer called "Prayer of Intercession" Facebook group. We meet weekly on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. This is open to the public: https://www.facebook.com/groups/prayer77 and/or Anxious2Victorious Women Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/anxious2victoriouswomen.

Schedule your strategy call to stop being lonely, overcome social anxiety and be everything God has for you.

Visit my website to learn more.

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