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Why Do Believers Complicate Deliverance? Deliverance Prayers from Evil Spirits

Updated: May 8

Following Prayer for Deliverance and Breakthrough

Deliverance Prayers from Evil Spirits
Deliverance Prayers from Evil Spirits

Believers Take Deliverance and complicate the process. Hollywood has given us depictions like “The Exorcist” that make us think demonization is always that dramatic, but that isn’t the case.

In simple terms, Christians cannot be possessed, that is, totally controlled by an ‘unclean spirit’ means bothered by, ‘in bondage to,’ demonic forces. Believers, at times, depending door open, need deliverance Prayers from Evil Spirits

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We tend to think that people are either “normal” (i.e., without any demonic influence) or they’re “possessed” in the Hollywood sense. In reality, deliverance is for those who are merely ‘oppressed.’

Deliverance is basically to repent and renounce personal sins that a person can be in bondage, generational sins blocking spiritual success, traumatic events, and more that can leave. Many times, it takes a minister to do deliverance prayers from evil spirits

The deliverance minister should also teach as they minister deliverance to others so that they can stay free by showing them the open doors that allowed it to come in.

If not possessed, how then? We all have the law of sin, and it is like a demon that connects to you.

He uses the ear gate and throws lies called fiery darts for you to believe about yourself, God, or others or your identity that does not line up with God.

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