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Deliverance From Arrested Development Disorder

Updated: Mar 17

What is arrested development
Overcome arrested development through deliverance

Dealing with arrested development demon. What is Arrested Development Disorder? How to receive healing from arrested emotional development? Below is deliverance from arrested development disorder. It is breaking the power of arrested development demon and reconnecting you to God.


Go to Part 1, (need to add), Emotional Arrested Development Disorder, to Learn MoreThe Spirit of Arrested Development Disorder is emotional immaturity! See the list of Arrested Development disorders in Adults Symptoms.

  • Dyslexia is the most common disability from the spirit of arrested developmental disorder.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) affects attention problems. These spirits will keep victims from focusing on a single task or concentrating for an extended period of emotionally arrested developmental disorder.

  • Stunted Growth and Midge - these spirits are stubborn to remove.

  • Rampant use of drugs (i.e., alcohol, hard-line, prescription) and fast food nutrition problems.

  • Spiritual schizophrenia from emotionally arrested development disorder.

  • ADD or ADHD from the emotionally arrested developmental disorder, but many times, this problem stems from the house being out of order

  • illegible handwriting,

  • mirror vision, confusion between left and right,

  • lack of preference for using one hand over the other,

  • confusion about differentiating concepts such as up and down,

  • bizarre spelling errors associated with this area.

Deliverance From Arrested Development Disorder

Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You, Lord, to send Your angels for (NAME) to cut the cords between the rulers of the spirit of Arrested Development Disorder, dyslexia, Dyagraphia, Dyscalcula, Disbucia, Hypertensia, and Perception problems; and to bind them individually. I also ask You, God, to send Your angels in Jesus' name to cut the cords between the three strong men of Alcoholic syndrome, Leviathan, & Rejection working under the spirit of Arrested Development and to bind them up in chains, each one individually.

In Jesus's name, I ask You, Lord, to send your angels to dig out, isolate and bind up every root of the spirit of Emotional Arrested Development Disorder and cut all supply lines through the roots to each other area or other families of demons affected by this arrested development demon.

In Jesus' name, I bind up and cast out all evil spirits from (NAME) as mentioned in First Corinthians 13:11; the spirits of childish speech, understanding, and thought.

Cast out the following spirits - Spiritual Roots of Emotional Arrested Development Disorder List:

  • Spirit of Rejection

  • Irresponsibility

  • Self-Will

  • Control and Manipulation

  • Self-hatred

  • Spirit of Fear

  • Spoiled

  • Laziness

  • Self-pity

  • Lying spirit

  • fear of rejection

  • fear of man

  • fear of responsibility

  • Addictions

  • Confusion from the house being out of order

  • Bitterness towards mother or father

  • Compulsive Behavior

  • Escape from Reality; Fantasy;

  • False Accusations

  • A spirit of destruction

  • Fear of Financial Failure;

  • Bankruptcy;

  • Block Finances;

  • Hard Times;

  • Poverty;

  • Role Playing;

  • Fornication;

  • Frustration;

  • Shame;

  • Guilt;

  • Hatred for: Authority

  • Hopelessness

  • Lack of Will Power;

  • Laziness;

  • Mind Confusion;

  • Mind Control;

  • Insanity;

  • Schizophrenia;

  • Morning Moods;

  • Negative Attitude;

  • Anxiety - the spirit of fear, Bad Nerves;

  • Oppression;

  • Nervousness; Heavy Oppression;

  • Nervous Stomach;

  • Nervous Breakdown;

  • Night Time Fears;

  • Insomnia;

  • Overtired;

  • Recurring Dreams;

  • Restless Nights;

  • Tormented Dreams;

  • Perseverance;

  • Procrastination;

Also, wake their spirit up by making the father's love and mother's love and pull their spirit forward and have them choose life over death. Reconnect them to God to defeat the emotionally arrested development disorder.

How to the spirit of arrested development disorder manifest:

  • Pamper me;

  • Having My Way;

  • Spoiled;

  • Grandpa and Grandma's Little

  • Girl; Daddy's Little Girl;

  • No discipline;

  • Control Parents by Manipulation;

  • Lying;

  • Three Year Old;

  • Coloring the Truth;

  • Getting What I Want Regardless of Cost;

  • Playing on People's

  • Sympathy;

  • Want to Return to Womb;

  • Irresponsible;

  • Tantrums;

  • Childish Self Will;

  • Crying;

  • Kicking;

  • Screaming;

  • Ugliness;

  • Scrawniness;

  • No Shape;

  • Skin Disorders;

  • I Hate My Body;

  • Unable to Date;

  • I cannot Find a Date;

  • Can't Marry;

  • Dodging Responsibility;

  • Too Young to Work;

  • Too Young to Have Children;

  • Too Young to Baby Sit;

  • escapism through drugs and alcohol

Go to Part 1, (Need to add) Emotional Arrested Prayer

by Traci Morin, Touch of God Ministry of Healing and Deliverance

Set­ting the Cap­tives Free from the Snares of the Enemy What is Arrested Development Disorder? What Causes the Spirit of Arrested Development Disorder – Stunted Emotional Growth The definition of the Spirit of Arrested Development disorder is to stop, slow, seize, and capture a soul of a person who is emotionally immature and physically small in size. Satan keeps the person in prison so that God does not use them. Spirit of Arrested Development Dosprder List of Spirit of Arrested Development Disorder Episodes: growth that stagnated, put in custody which slows down or stops a person from maturing. The Spirit of Arrested Development Video In general, the person infested by these demons will age normally on the outside but be immature. Emotional Arrested Development demon claim to be sent by Satan personally. The arrested development demon stops progress past age 13 and brings the victim to any age it wants, from zero to 13. The effects are devastating. At age 13, a person’s too young to work and can’t hold a job. The victim cannot deal with an adult's problems, becomes a job hopper, and is unreliable. Spirit of Rejection, the Alcoholic Syndrome (spirit of addiction), and Leviathan (occultism) are three ruling spirits found closely related to Emotional Arrested Development Disorder. Emotional Arrested Development Demon The demonic kingdoms recognize men as a trinity (body, soul, spirit). The enemy realizes that if growth in any of these three areas: 1) stunted emotionally or physically or 2) slowed, and 3) weakens or even destroys the entire person. Satan’s emissaries constantly control the person by disrupting this three-part harmony. Arrested Development Demon The causes of arrested emotional development: The demonic function is to arrest childhood development, always bringing them back to age 13 and younger. He claims to have authority over homosexual spirits, for they enter before the age 13. In a girl, this spirit claims to have control over spirits influencing a girl to be a tomboy to please her father; the demon will stir up the desire through the spirits passed on by ancestral curses or may enter by molestation, incest, or even rape. The lesbian spirit is controlled by the spirit of arrested development disorder and begins to run at 13. This powerful arrested development demon claims that lesbians and homosexuals are 13 years old. The arrested development demon is also called the chronic prince of emotionally charged adult development. At eleven, he causes the girl to be skinny and gawky looking. At twelve years old, he embarrasses her because of her periods and emphasizes any ugliness in her body. The arrested development demon makes the girl believe she is dirty and will never be able to clean herself from an emotionally arrested developmental disorder. A related spirit is anorexia nervosa which causes anorexia between ages zero to eight. The girl doesn’t want to grow up, have a period, or face the responsibilities of life and the world. Spirit of Arrested Development Disorder in Males In a male, the child tends to want to cross-dress and be homosexual. A male child will stay immature and demand to be babies. It will have tendencies of not wanting to take responsibility. Often, a person with the spirit of arrested development disorder is stunted in growth. The demon wants to kill the person in the womb. This spirit also operates through suffocation, drowning, choking, obstruction of breathing, complicated in pregnancy, and crib death can cause emotionally arrested development. How Emotional Arrested Development affects both sexes The emotionally arrested development spirit does not hinder the person from learning in school or affect the person’s studies. The spirit would not allow a woman or man to make plans for marriage or have children. The emotionally arrested development spirit will cause a person to be sloppy, unkempt, slouch, lazy, and unable to make future goals. Most persons with emotionally arrested development cannot marry, but even if they do, it does not last. He makes them take drugs to be passive and sleep for hours. He has a prince and a deputy who lives in the person's mind to ensure they do not advance past age 13. List of the Arrested Development DisorderSpirit Characters:

  • The arrested development demon also causes a person to drink.

  • It causes a person to have temper tantrums to have their way.

  • A drug user will have a spirit of arrested development, unable to solve daily problems.

  • Those who collect dolls and stuffed animals as grown-ups need to develop faster. They do childish things, such as playing with toys on their desks at work.

  • It will cause a child to scream for attention.

  • Also, those that run a lot and feverishly exercise all the time have a spirit of arrested development disorder.

  • Actors and actresses have a spirit of arrested development.

  • Even cooking and cleaning are problems for them as they still want to depend on someone and will sometimes marry someone who will fill this role.

  • Thirteen year old’s are unable to make decisions when shopping. At nine years old, the child is attracted to a molester.

  • The emotionally arrested development demon has many friends in prison, and he causes the criminal to go back on the streets and commit the same crimes again.

  • They are unable to learn from experience.

How Does the Spirit of Arrested Development Disorder Occur Usually, children with a spirit of arrested development disorder were born prematurely and were incubator children. Another entry is trauma at birth, like a cord wrapped around the child, and the child cannot breathe. Other types of traumatic events before the age of six such as:

  • surgeries at a very early age,

  • rape,

  • Separation from parents or even giving up for adoption develops an emotionally arrested development disorder spirit.

If a father does not wake the child’s spirit or is not accepted by the father wrong sex, then the child can develop a spirit of arrested spirit disorder. Another entry is the Lack of proper, consistent, and balanced scriptural discipline can also be a door through which a spirit of Arrested Development Demon enters our lives. The child was pinned as retarded, but that is not the case. A retarded person is not immature. They are slow learners and hinder learning disabilities, but they do not have a spirit of arrested development. Sometimes children are mistaken to have learning disabilities but have a spirit of arrested development and mimic learning disabilities. Trauma shuts down a person because of the nature of fear. The mind is in captivity, preventing the person from learning. This differs from their intelligence (generally average or above), but their learning ability drags behind. A spirit of Arrested Development runs in the mind. As believers, we are to take authority in the name of Jesus Christ and cut across the network of demonic communication giving the wrong signals to our minds, will, and emotions. We can be free of their influence and bondage as we receive deliverance from these spirits. A spirit of Arrested Development demons is a grouping of demons recently exposed in deliverance prayers, and this is not an exhaustive study of demonization. By the world’s standards, most psychiatrists would diagnose a spirit of arrested development as a mental disease and prescribe medication and therapy. Go to Part 2 need to add) (of the Emotional Arrested Development – Deliverance from Arrested Development How to Overcome The Spirit of Arrested Development Video Learn how to overcome from the Spirit of the Arrested Development Video Teaching – How to heal and find freedom in your life. As you move through life, do you feel stuck? Also, do you feel immature? However much you try to improve yourself, you cannot seem to get unstuck with feelings of immaturity. There is hope through Jesus Christ. This video explains how a person receives a spirit of Arrested Development, the symptoms of arrested development, and how to get free from arrested development through deliverance prayers. Wouldn’t you like to escape an evil spirit of arrested development? If not enough, have a good job instead of continuously losing jobs. Watch this Video on How to Overcome the Spirit of Arrested Development More Teachings on Arrested Development by Win Worley (need to add) By: Traci Morin, Touch of God International Ministries


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