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Deliverance Ministry | Setting the Captives Free

In need of Prayer of Deliverance?
Touch of God Int'l Ministries is a Christian Ministry of Healing and Deliverance in Texas (not a church) - Dallas and Fort Worth—setting the captives free throughout the USA and Globally on video calls through Zoom. We offer deliverance and healing sessions. I fight for you to get free. See below.

With the variety of traumatic events and or spiritual issues, Traci Morin has helped many people suffering from the effects of witchcraft curses, masonic curses, generational curses, the occult, rejection, depression, physical illnesses, molestation, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, and many more. We believe in miracle prayers of deliverance and healing for breaking curses and strongholds the enemy has on people through the power of the Holy Spirit. We administer Biblical counseling, prayers of deliverance, and deep spiritual warfare to free the captives, give an understanding of why, and provide Godly counsel so that the person stays free.  Learn about Traci Morin  | Credentials | Background

Our goal: set the captives free, then become empowered by the Holy Spirit, equipped for life, and drawing near to God. Follow the required steps to get started for your freedom. 

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Deliverance Sessions - women praising the lord because she received personal deliverance ministry of setting the captives free
Signs For Deliverance

Signs You Need Spiritual Deliverance

Two Other Programs:

Get in Touch if you are suffering from any of the below to receive deliverance ministry of healing:

  1. Feeling heaviness in the head and depression symptoms?

  2. Feel blocked and separated from God, feel lost in life?

  3. Have you done many therapy sessions for healing and no results?

  4. Addictions to drugs and alcohol, or compulsive or addictive behaviors of any kind?

  5. Have you or your family members ever been involved in the occult or Freemasonry and experienced demonic attacks?

  6. Strongholds of the mind with negative emotions, negative thinking, anxiety, and poor self-concept?

  7. Are you experiencing any physical disease or injury and no healing?

  8. Unusual Fears causing anxiety,

  9. Have you experienced emotional wounding or trauma in your childhood (neglect) or marriage - a narcissistic spouse who's controlling you? Video: 19 Characteristics of a narcissistic person (Jezebel). 

  10. Medication therapy management without results?

  11. There are many other reasons for the need for deliverance ministry - see required steps.

Deliverance Sessions - learn deliverance ministry setting the captives free
Deliverance Sessions - Kick Social Anxiety Out - overcome anxiety
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Watch the Video To Give Understanding of  Deliverance Ministry

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Required Steps

Required Steps to Receive the Prayer of Deliverance


To receive 2 to 4 hours of deliverance or healing ministry,  please follow the required Four Steps:

  1. Fill out Your History Form 1 (scroll down) page, and immediately take you to the Liability Form.

  2. Fill out the Liability Form 2 (scroll down), which immediately takes you to the payment link.

  3. Choose the Required Payment Plan.

  4. Calendar Date and Time Scheduler to choose your most convenient time.to receive 1:1 Personal Prayer Ministry. The Time-Zone Clock website is for those out of the country who are figuring out time zones with Chicago Time. Ministry sessions 2 hours long. 

*Cost includes the following:
1. Portal access - Required preparation videos before ministry, walkouts, and more video teachings 30-day access. When going to the portal, it will ask you to set up a username and password.
2. Thrive Group Mentorship (women only) for two weeks FREE. Typically, members meet every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. CST except for the last Sunday of the month. Learn more about Thrive Group Mentoring.
3. Weekly Facebook Group - Prayer of Intercession - we meet at 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (Tuesday nights) - make sure you agree with the rules.

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If you have children who need the prayer of deliverance and healing and are below 16, the parent(s) must be present during the ministry session. During the session, I will ask the parents questions about their past to see patterns of generational curses. Depending on the age will determine which ministry form to use. 

If You Think You Have Kundalini Awakening Symptoms or Not sure - watch the video

If you need the prayer of deliverance from the Kundalini spirit (see article), expect more than the usual ministry sessions to get free from the Kundalini Awakening Symptoms - at least 4 hours. Sometimes more. It is a very difficult spirit.

Why do we suffer from sickness, disease, torment, and demonic attacks?

Bottom line – demons cannot enter a person’s body without legal rights (this can result from sin, generational sins going back 4 generations, occult or new age modalities, or wrong thinking). The Lord is a hedge of protection for us unless there is a violation. Otherwise, evil spirits need an entry point to get in and attach to someone. We deal with the 12/7/4 process. Demons are like rats, and they need garbage to feed. We pray prayers and remove hindrances to stop demonic attacks. Our program looks for spiritual roots to disease. 


Fill Out The Required Forms:

Rquired Forms

Required Form 1 – Your Life History - don’t skip questions, or the form will not go through. Your form and what you tell us during the personal ministry prayer session are confidential. Also, I don't judge you. We all have issues as we are all working out our salvation. Phi. 2:12-13.


Required Form 2 – Liability Form -  if you do not have your popup on your computer on, it won’t take you to the payment link. Just come back to this page. 

Make sure you pick a time and make a payment.

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Required Calendar Scheduler

Required Scheduer

Choose a date and time. The calendar appointments are based on central standard time (Chicago Time). Using the Time Zone Calculator outside the United States would be best—time zone converter - https://time.is/compare.

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Form Purpose

Purpose of the Forms for Healing and Deliverance Ministry 

Our purpose is to uncover personal curses and family curses known as generational curses. After ministry, experience the freedom to move forward in God’s calling and goals. We use the five-step to deliverance. 

Please fill out the Kundalini Symptoms Form if you believe you have the Kundalini spirit - coming soon.


  1. When filling out your form, be Humble and Honest for an effective prayer of deliverance session.

  2. On Form 1, look for the cause and effect of the demonic problem. 

  3. Please choose how many ministries of healing and deliverance prayer sessions are needed based on your available hours. If you choose 4 hours, I will break the ministry sessions into two.

  4. Expect more than the usual ministry sessions to get free from the Kundalini spirit if you need deliverance from the Kundalini spirit. I will work with you financially if needed.

  5. Regardless, I usually arrange for another person to assist during the ministry.

  6. If you have children who need ministry below 16, the parent(s) must present during ministry sessions.

A recommended book!
Learn about the spiritual roots of disease. 

Deliverance Sessions - Spiritual Roots to disease - overcome types of diseases
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About Thrive

Access to a Women's Group - Thrive Group Mentorship - Community Room Vault FREE for 14 Days

  • Required Preparation Videos to watch before the deliverance prayer ministry sessions (in the community room vault)

  • Required Bitterness Form (please fill out).

  • Walkout videos after deliverance prayer for healing sessions.

  • Plus, other teachings.

  • Custom deliverance to meet your needs after analyzing your review forms

Starting at the end of September 2023, Thrive Group Mentorship for women only -

  • Free 14-Day Trial (new program): you are charged $24.44 monthly to become part of the Thrive Group Mentorship if you want to stay connected - weekly teachings, ministry prayer, deliverance ministry prayer, and journal prompts through email.  You also get a copy of my journal devotion.

freedom in christ
Deliverance Sessions - thrive group mentoring - empowering women
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Help Discount

You Financially Make Less than $2,000 Per Househouse Per Month

Our deliverance prayer session is fee-based, as shown above. For those with lower incomes and make $2,000 and under (per household), we expect you to donate a minimum of $65.00 (more than half the price). Our healing and deliverance ministry is self-supporting; no church subsidizes us. Our deliverance prayer session is similar to therapy sessions as we deal with the cause and effects of the issues. Because of the lower fee, you won’t have access to the community room where the preparation and walkout videos are located.​

  • Because it is a donation, you won't have access to the community room vault to watch the preparation or walkout videos. 

  • You are required to fill out the bitterness form

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About Traci

About the Founder

Deliverance Sessions - Teresa Morin
Marque Who's Who of America

I suffered from 10 diseases, anxiety, depression, torment from traumatic events in my childhood, and demonic torment from the new age. All this affected my life personally and my career. As many of us have done, I was on a path to finding healing and freedom.

I spent money and did the traditional stuff for healing: Psychiatry Counseling, Medications, Healing Lines, Alternative Medicine, Vitamins, other ministries, etc. None seem to work for me. I went through a deliverance and healing ministry coaching program. My coach worked with me for 12 weeks, and I finally broke free from the chains holding me down, healed my heart from broken heart, and healed from anxiety by learning steps to recognize my thoughts and cast them down and no longer listen to the enemy of lies. I also learned the importance of Renewing the Mind as an everyday lifestyle and began to walk in abundant life and joy like never before in the ’90s. Can you relate?

The Lord commissioned me to start helping others get free through extensive training through Be In Health, Vision Life Ministries, Derek Prince Ministry, Happy Hunters Healing School, and several coach certifications. I started my first ministry in 2004 and another ministry in 2011. I hate the devil, and my heart is to see people set free from the chains and live abundant lives with many blessings. I’ve been ministering to others for over 25 years. Today I will fight for your life for freedom.

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About Our Healing and Deliverance Ministers

Specifically, Touch of God Ministries has NOT Licensed Professional Counselors (even though Traci Morin studied biblical counseling), and Mental Health Providers, so we don’t make medical diagnoses or mental health issues.

They are Christian deliverance ministers who have gone through extensive training by Traci Morin, on that person’s needs from a spiritual perspective based on the teachings of the Bible and look at the spiritual roots of your issues. We have authority, but God delivers people through Jesus Christ.

Prov. 17:22 “A joyful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Deliverance Team
Deliverance Team
deliverance team
Deliverance Team

Board of Directors:

Deliverance Board
Deliverance Board
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Why I Charge

Why Do I Charge for Prayer of Deliverance?

Touch of God Int'l Ministries of Healing and Deliverance is not a church but a 501(c3) ministry connected and recognized by my local church, Heartland Family Church, and under the organization/accountability of  The Fellowship Network. Many funds go to helping other 3rd-world countries worldwide, plus the cost of websites, e-commerce, supplies, conferences, travel, and additional fees.  

  • Support Missionary family (Luis and Michelle Prendez in Chihuahua, Mexico) on Facebook,

  • People who need ministry and cannot afford and pay a discount fee,

  • Supporting Refuge City for those rescued from Human Trafficking - you can give, and we provide the monies to Refuge City or Orphanages in Romania,

  • Helping the poor (homeless) in Dallas/Fort Worth area through Many Helping Hands,

  • Support the Pakistan - Facebook (Mary Gill and Her Husband) and (Naveed Anjum), India or other ways - Mary Gill or Naveed Anjum. African people that share the gospel with the lost and minister and feed children, and help me to travel to these areas to do seminars on healing and deliverance and share the gospel,

  • Healing and Deliverance Conferences in Dallas/Fort Worth (scholarships), and

  • Other such as missionary to Tacloban, Philippines, and other areas,

  • Honduras Mission Trip helping the poor and building churches.

I’m ordained under EMOAF (Evangelistic & Discipleship Ministries).

Is It Biblical to Charge: In the first place, Touch of God is a registered 501(3)c self-supporting, non-profit organization. Any churches or outside organizations do not subsidize us. If you can support us, we would appreciate your financial support.

Furthermore, your payment for a personal deliverance prayer ministry session is tax-deductible. Also, God’s Word teaches us that “the workman is worthy of his hire.” In other words, It is a matter of honoring those who serve you. Your payment/donations help tremendously in the ongoing training and development of the volunteers and ministers and in supporting international ministries.

In other words, Touch of God, previously in 2004 Journey2Wholeness Ministries, was founded in June 2011. Traci Morin has over 25 years of experience in healing and deliverance ministry. Learn about her experience.

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